5 Astrology Podcasts That You Would Love Listening To

Are you a person who eagerly looks into the astrology section every day to know how your day will turn out to be? Do you believe that planets & their movements can influence your life? Then, the astrology sections in magazines and newspapers are just not enough to feed your minds with the astrological facts you are willing to learn and explore. If you want to understand astrology and its nuances fully, then you need to enter the world of podcasts to quench your astrology thirst. There are many astrology podcasts available online for you to listen to. Here are 5 of the best astrology podcasts that you would love listening to.

  1. AstroVed Astrology Podcast

AstroVed Astrology Podcast gives expert astrology insights and guidance to make your life better with predictions and remedies. It is a handy source of valuable information like daily horoscope, sacred mantras with benefits, and much more. With new episodes constantly updated, AstroVed Astrology Podcast is a good listen for astrology lovers and can be found on Google Play and Apple Podcasts.

  1. The Astrology Podcast

The Astrology Podcast is a widely opted podcast by those who want to binge on astrology facts in both a simple and informative way. All the episodes have an explanatory video with the content dealt with, giving the listener a visual treat too. It covers a wide range of topics from history, philosophy, planetary transits, astrology topics, and discussions. New episodes are released once a week and one can also subscribe for regular updates on new ones.

  1. The Insightful Astrology Podcast With Maria Desimone

Presented by a famous astrologer, Maria Desimone, this astrology podcast educates listeners with useful information on astrology, predictions, philosophy, transits and impacts & much more. Here you can also arrange a personalized 1-on-1 consultation with Maria Desimone for getting customized insights and predictions for your natal chart.

  1. Learn Astrology With Mary English

Learn Astrology with Mary English gives in-depth information about fundamentals of astrology and how wonderful the science is in making one’s life better. The episodes give valuable info on how astrology can help understand one’s self and move towards progress with informed decisions. One can learn how to create and understand a birth chart with free online resources. Each week, various parts of an astrological birth chart are discussed, using real case studies thus helping one to get a clear picture of this ancient science.

  1. Anne Ortelee Weekly Weather Astrology

Hosted by the famous astrologer, Anne Ortelee is a weekly podcast, which gives a forecast on the planets, their positions, movement, and their influence on a person’s life events. An internationally certified astrologer, Anne gives predictions on what to expect in the upcoming week for the 12 zodiac signs. If you wish to have a personal consultation with Anne, you can book one to discuss your concerns with her personally and get predictions from her based on the analysis of your birth chart.

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