5 ‌Legal‌ ‌Tips‌ ‌to‌ ‌Know‌ ‌Before‌ ‌Hire‌ ‌a‌ ‌Family Law Attorney

When we arrive at the office, countless experiences and moments come to mind. It is normal not to be clear about what is fundamental and what we must explain, so it will be the family law attorney who is in charge of extracting what is really important. That is, it will affect those vital points on which the lawsuit will fall. 


And if you have to redirect the conversation to do so, it will do so without problems. It would be convenient if the family law attorney does not consider any detail relevant, mention why, that is, indicate if what is intend is part of another procedure. 

This article has enlisted six essential tips to know before you hire a family law attorney.


  • Family Lawyers Must Anticipate Events

In any branch of Law, it is important. Still, in the family, it is vitally important to be able to anticipate the opposite and focus things one way or another to achieve our claims or to be able to prove or refute what the contrary alleges.

It usually happens that in mutually agreed divorces, negotiations are greatly undervalued for the simple fact of not going to Court, but it is very important that when negotiating an agreement, all the points are clear in advance, and all of them are available. 

The family law attorney must constantly be recycling. The lawyer is experienced but is up to date with legislative changes. In Law, seniority is a degree, so a professional with extensive prior knowledge will always be very advantageous, but it is useless, having experience if you are not up to date with the latest modifications, as they can make you lose the case for applying a regulation that is no longer in force.


  • Lawyer Specialized in Family and Divorce Taxation

Specialization is also a very important point, in these times of crisis everyone tries to cover more fields to attract more clients.

The subjects in Law are very extensive and not all lawyers who know civil Law, dominate the subject of family.

The tax aspects in the family part are usually the great ones forgotten by most of the professionals. It includes who is dedicated to these issues, since it has great complexity to reach an agreement in certain aspects. They add legal figures that complicate the thing more. It can be even more complex. 

But it is an issue that should not be forgotten since the payment of a benefit, if we include it under one concept or another, can make us deduct those amounts in the income statement or increase our expenses considerably.

It is important to hire a family law attorney who knows these issues so that the divorce is the most beneficial for our interests. In case if it is by mutual agreement.


  • The Family Law Attorney Must Make A Budget or Order Sheet at The Beginning

After the first visit or presentation of the case, the specialist lawyer must make a fairly approximate budget of the final fees.

We all like to quickly contact the person we want to speak to, and we are very angry to go through switchboards that have half a life waiting for you so that later the lawyer does not call or does it after a week. 


It must be taken into account that the family law attorney is another person and will not only handle your case. Most of the time, he may be attending to other clients in the Court or writing the demands, so he may not be available on many occasions. 


But what will characterize a good family law attorney is that he will let you know despite being in these conditions. As soon as he has a moment, we understand that in at most 24 hours (within business hours) he will try to get in contact with us.

  • A Good Family Law Attorney Does Not Always Advise Going To Trial


When we think of a good lawyer, we imagine him directly in the courtroom, with a very aggressive expression and manner defending our position. 


Well, not always the good family law attorney will advise going to trial, in many cases a divorce can be started in a contentious way, and then later positions can be approached with the negotiation. 


Sometimes the anger we feel for the events that occurred during the marriage. The simple struggle of egos insists on starting a procedure under the mistaken idea that the Judge will surely give us the reason. The rigid position that, before accepting what the other says, imposes a third party on me. Which is not always convenient since the result may be undesirable for either party.


Therefore, a good family law attorney can and should try to reach an amicable solution with the opponent.

  • That the Deal Is Always with The Same Lawyer


In many law firms, cases are handled by a team of professionals, meaning that there may be two or more people with whom the client communicates, or one directs and the other executes. 


Although this may seem an advantage at first glance because many people are working on my case, contributing new ideas and different points of view, it can become a source of conflict over time. 


These problems can arise for different reasons. The client comments something to one of the family law attorneys and does not reach the other professional because there is a greater affinity with one or the information is lost. 


As exceptions to this aspect, it would be necessary to distinguish two cases in which it would not be detrimental for the case to be handled by another person. One of these assumptions would be for example in case of illness, since sometimes so that the procedure does not take too long, it may be more beneficial to have a partner carry it. 


Other assumptions would be that tax aspects are dealt with, for example, in divorces where the division of the common thing. There are pensions, where an expert tax lawyer carefully analyzes the consequences of taking a or other decision.


Hope this article is helpful if you are planning to find a family law attorney for your case!  


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