5 Ways to Convert Your E-commerce Web/App Traffic

Undoubtedly, E-commerce marketing is expediting at an unprecedented pace with the perks of ongoing digitalization embracing it all. Every purchase that buyers make online is through an eCommerce website/app, and this validates the role of buyers. It’s been noticed that only 1% of E-commerce web/app traffic converts and the rest leave the website without making the purchase. Though the success rate is quite low, but it is soon to skyrocket.

Wondering what can help you convert your ecommerce website and application traffic? Keep reading to know about the types, pros and cons & how you can increase traffic to your e-commerce website or application.

Classification of E-commerce

E-commerce is split into 4 categories:-

  1. Business to Consumer – When you bought those new shoes online, you participated in B2C.
  2. Consumer to Consumer – When goods are sold between consumers through online classified ads, we call it consumer to consumer.
  3. Consume to Business – It involves you as a consumer providing a product to an organization. For example, a blogger may review a certain product for a business and repelling payment.
  4. Business to Business – Business is conducted between two companies. And the goods are transferred between them.

Why E-commerce is so popular, and why do people prefer it?

  • No time restrictions –You can buy anything at any time.
  • No geographical limitations– Now, things are delivered to rural areas and different countries also. So, it doesn’t matter from which part of the world belongs.
  • Low operational costs- It gives an advantage to small sellers who want to sell their products. And it is easy for them to survive in the market.
  • Faster to buy – If you want to buy something, you have to open that particular website or app, select the item and place your order with just a click. But in the case of offline shopping, you have to go to different shops because not everything you need will be available in one shop.

What are the Disadvantages of E-commerce?

  • The major disadvantage is that you will remain unaware of what you will be getting until the final time.
  • The product will remain intangible until you open it, but once you open the product, it will lose its premium worth.
  • Mechanical failures can have unpredictable effects on the total process. If there is any mechanical failure in terms of setup on a particular website, then the whole of the business will go down. Including the placed orders.
  • There are many fake websites, which will give you your desired product at very cheap rates and will ask for online payment. But when you receive the product, they will send you something else or any defective product which will be of no use. In some cases, they will not even deliver the product.

5 Ways to Convert Your E-commerce Web/App Traffic

Online shopping is a new trend. Nowadays, many new e-commerce apps and websites are popping up almost every week. Thus, it becomes all the more important for your app/website to be attractive enough to catch the user’s attention. People go with app ratings, and for a good rating, you have to be good at your work. The important thing is attracting users to your app and good service. If more people visit your app/web, it means you will get more visitors to convert as consumers.

  1. Create Instagram Shopping – Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your product. Most people are investing most of their time on Instagram. Create your shop on Instagram or try other awesome features of Instagram. Ask people to tag you to their post or stories to increase your reach. You can try other trends as well, such as give-away or shout-out.
  2. Be Woke About Your Customers– You have to do good keyword research. Look at the products that you are selling to find relevant keywords for them. It will give you an idea of what people are looking for. It will also help you to optimize your page.
  3. Take A Look at Your Competitors– Do ground research about other pages and apps, which are in the same industry as you. Try to know about the new things they are trying, how many visitors they have, what keywords they are using and other stuff like it. Try to know their ranking and also the reason behind it. If you have similar products, this will help you increase your linking strategy.
  4. Create Attractive Descriptions and Title Tag– Few people will visit your site just by seeing the description which is provided by you. If it attracts the users or if you have used proper words understood by all, then they will be comfortable in using your webpage or app. You should describe your products It should be short and crisp.
  5. Optimise Your Pages– What everyone thinks about e-commerce and SEO is that they have to build links and pop in keywords. Yes, this is important. But if the users get a terrible experience, they will not visit your site again. Therefore, it is important to optimise your page. Apply relatable images and videos. Try something innovative which will please your visitors to visit your site again. Have a review section and keep it transparent.

Effective marketing and smart management is the need of the hour. Your website and even apps need to be SEO optimized in the era of smart search and website rankings. Improve your user experience and build trust among your visitors and consumers. It will help you to improve your e-commerce empire.

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