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Marriage is a beautiful bond that is shared by a man and a woman for a lifetime after wedlock. There are two kinds of marriages in our society – love and arranged marriage. Nowadays people prefer love marriages over arranged marriages, as there are chances for the couple to understand each other before marriage in a love marriage. If you are in love and wish to know if that will turn into a marriage, then love marriage astrology can help you. The stars, planets, and their positions in a person’s birth chart can indicate if you will have a love or arranged marriage. Here are 5 ways in your Kundali or birth chart that can indicate if you will have a love or arranged marriage.

Houses For Love Marriage Predictions

To know if you will have a love marriage, the houses 7, 8, 5, and 11 are studied in a horoscope. The signs Scorpio, Gemini, and Pisces can also give information on this. The planets which are studied for love marriage include Rahu, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. The combinations of these planets can indicate love marriage.

7th House is an indicator or romance, marriage, intimacy, and partnerships. Love is also indicated in the 5th House and the 5th House Lord. Planets in the 5th House are also responsible for love marriages.

8th House is an indicator of physical intimacy, pleasure, and hidden aspects of romance. 11th House denotes success, sexual interests, and friendships.

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Planets For Love Marriage Predictions

Venus is the planet of love, luxury, and relationships. It indicates romance and marriage, and also love marriage with a pretty woman. Moon is also studied for love marriage to an attractive person.

Mars denotes the male energy and its position in a woman’s horoscope indicates boyfriend. In Nadi Astrology, Mars in a female’s birth chart signifies husband.

Rahu denotes unfulfilled and sensual desires of a person and is the second important planet studied for love marriage after Venus.

Mercury indicates confusion and pleasure in life. In Nadi Astrology, Mercury denotes friends of the opposite gender.

Combinations In Love Marriage Astrology

When the love and romance houses are in relationship with marriage house and lord, then it indicates love marriage. 8th House is the house of physical pleasure. When 5th House is in conjunction with the 8th House or 5th House Lord is placed in the 8th House, it indicates a new relationship. But this will become a love marriage only when there is a connection with 7th House or its Lord.

The planets Rahu and Venus combination can indicate love marriage, inter religion or inter caste marriages. Rahu is the planet of magnification and it intensifies love and romance when it is placed in the 7th House.

Rahu-Moon and Moon-Mercury combination in a Kundali denotes romance. When Venus joins this combination or joins with planets Moon, Rahu, or Venus, then it indicates a love marriage. Mercury-Venus combination in the signs Gemini or Scorpio is sure to result in a love marriage.

Though these factors indicate love marriage, a Yoga for love marriage is created when there is are more of these combinations in a horoscope. Jupiter denotes honesty, spirituality, morality, and ethics; hence, a weak or regressive Jupiter can result in a love marriage. When Jupiter is in combination with 5th or 7th House Lord or is connected to Rahu or Ketu, it will give a love marriage.

Timing In A Love Marriage

Even if there are planetary combinations or Yogas for a love marriage in a birth chart, timing is an important deciding factor. A positive Dasha must be present to favor a love marriage.

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