7 Jewelry Trends Inspired by Spring 2022 Runways

Every season, fashion offers us the chance to be creative and explore different aspects of our style. We’ve got some fine jewelry trends on the rise for spring!

Get inspired with all-new designs in stacking, layering, rings, earrings, and bracelets. These 2022 jewelry trends present you with the best way to show off your personality.

1. Stackable Rings 

The fashion trend of stacking rings continues every year, and it is still in the vogue. They’re fun and bold, but they’re also made to fit your style.

Signet rings are a huge hit, so get yours today! You can have these personalized with your initials and a personal motif, or choose a traditional design!

Eternity and infinity bands have also gained popularity as fine jewelry favorites this year. What’s better than shining from all angles? 

For looks that need an extra dash of color, grab a few gemstone rings to complete your collection.

2. Silver Staples

Does everything that glitters have to do with gold? Apparently not! 

Silver is the next big thing in everyday wear. While silver jewelry is timeless like gold, it creates an edgier and more elegant appearance. If most of your jewelry is gold, try layering silver rings, bracelets, or necklaces to make your style more impactful.

3. Duet Ring

Stylish and simplistic, this two-banded ring makes you shine. Since they have a different width, your fingers will also be defined by them. This thing is sure to catch the attention of everyone across the table at a dinner party.

4. Delicate Drops

Each year, red carpet fashion inspires jewelry purchases, and drop earrings are really hot this spring. Elegant and timeless, drop earrings make any outfit pop.

5. Bling Chokers

Have you been stacking those thin gold chains? 

Let’s replace these with something that makes an even greater impact. 

Black velvet chokers were once considered sophisticated and cool, but now chunky, bling chokers are everywhere. They blend costume glamor with everyday style.

6. Bamboo Twisted Hoop Earrings

Here is the final Best Spring 2022 Jewelry trend. Twisted silver bamboo earrings give your favorite hoop earrings a new twist. A silver accessory looks especially nice paired with a black blazer or plain ribbed tank top.

7. Sleek Gold Bracelets

Whatever your opinions are about yellow gold, you can be assured that fine jewelry will be a fantastic investment in 2022. Life can get crazy and you’ll need a few jewelry pieces that you can wear easily to stay stylish.

Hundreds of unique cuffs, paper clips, chains, and tennis bracelets are available, so you can pile them high to your heart’s content. It’s not for everyone to wear stacks of bracelets, so figure out what works for you.

Getting too much yellow gold? It is okay to combine your gold pieces with other metals. With bright metal colors, you can showcase your style and liven up your look.

We’d love to see your new spring fine jewelry looks! 

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Nicki Jenns

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