8 Essential Supplements for Ensuring Normal Pregnancy

A pregnant lady has to take care of her eating habits on daily basis. Instead of quantity, you have to focus on the quality of food. Normal pregnancy completely depends upon the quality of food. Along with your diet plan, you can take some essential nutrients as supplements. Here are some nutrients that play an important role during pregnancy:

1) Iron

It is the best nutrient to prevent low haemoglobin or anaemia. A pregnant woman must intake Iron on daily basis to escape from anaemia. Usually, gynaecologists/doctors always prescribed Iron tablets to the pregnant lady because:

  • Iron is an essential nutrient during the pregnancy period.
  • It also helps to prevent you from several complications such as less weight of baby, premature birth, late development of baby etc.
  • One can get Iron from pomegranate, lean red meat, fish, poultry items, beetroot, apple etc.

2) Calcium

Without any doubt, calcium is one of the important nutrients for baby and mother too. In normal conditions, we all need calcium for our bones. During pregnancy, women need more calcium because:

  • Calcium helps to build the strong bones of the baby and mother.
  • It provides the necessary strength and nourishment to the body.
  • Milk, cheese and yoghurt are the best sources of calcium.
  • It is also available in tablet forms in the market.

3) Vitamin D

To the development of bones, vitamin D is also essential during pregnancy. However, sunlight is the best way to get vitamin D. The early morning sunlight is best for pregnant women and it also delivers a healthy vision and skin.

4) Folic Acid

Apart from calcium and iron, gynaecologists always prescribed folic acid to pregnant women. Folic acid is also called vitamin B9 that is helpful in the pregnancy period. Prescribed dosage of the folic acid is essential because:

  • It helps to prevent Neural Tube Defects (NTDs).
  • If pregnant women are diabetic or facing NTDs issues, they must take folic acid on daily basis. 
  • Consult with your doctor/gynaecologist and intake the prescribed dosage of folic acid.
  • One can also get folic acid through broccoli, beans, peanuts etc.

5) Vitamin B12

Along with other vitamins, vitamin B12 is also essential for a pregnant lady. It is an important nutrient for a pregnant lady to fight against several complications during pregnancy. Usually, the doctor also prescribed vitamin B12 for every pregnant lady because:

  • It prevents low birth weight, miscarriages, complications in baby’s growth etc.
  • It also helps to prevent anaemia or low haemoglobin.
  • A pregnant lady should intake 2.6 mcg of vitamin B12.
  • Fish, poultry items and meat are good sources of vitamin B12.

6) Omega-3 Fatty Acids

For the growth and development of the brain, omega-3s are necessary during pregnancy. Fish is the main source of omega-3 and many tablets/capsules are available for vegetarians. A pregnant woman can use fish like Salmon, Scallops, Crab, Clam, Flat Fish, Herring, and Cod etc. These fishes are the best source of omega-3 and you can also use capsules prescribed by the doctor.

7) Vitamin C

Undoubtedly, vitamin C has its role during pregnancy. For developing energy and stamina, vitamin C is essential. It also helps to deal with morning sickness and tiredness that is common in pregnancy.

  • One can get vitamin C through several foods such as lemon, oranges, lime, strawberries and much more.
  • Drink a glass of lemon water daily to fight against weakness.
  • It is better to add vitamin C to your diet so that you can get rid of dehydration and other complications during pregnancy.
  • It is also beneficial to absorb iron in the body so that you can survive normal pregnancy.

8) Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

It is beneficial for the development of the brain before and after birth. It is also known as fatty acids that can be derived from fish. However, vegetarian women can go with capsules or supplements to fulfil the deficiency of DHA. 

Essential Nutrients to Avoid During Pregnancy

Apart from the above nutrients, it is important to avoid some other nutrients during pregnancy. Many nutrients and vitamins are not beneficial for a pregnant woman like as:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Goldenseal
  • Dong Quai
  • Saw Palmetto Berry
  • Black and Blue Cohosh
  • Red clover

Final Words

Pregnant women should take care of their eating habits during pregnancy. Your eating habits will decide the development of your baby. Avoid unhealthy diets and focus on eating healthy diets as mentioned above. It is better to consult your gynaecologist before using any item. At the women clinic, you can contact the best gynaecologist for your pregnancy-related issues.


Nicki Jenns

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