8 Must Have Eco-friendly Flower Bouquets

The environment is something that each of us has in general, and it is a yielded affair for the whole human class. Suitable environmental circumstances symbolize that we all live healthier and longer lives. Like how we take care of our parents & appreciate them, we must also appreciate mother nature. But did we forget how important she is? Have we stopped welcoming her beauty and began to take her for granted? We admittedly have. She is suffering, and everybody can observe symptoms like water pollution, air pollution, marine life disturbances, global warming, ozone layer depletion, & we can go on & on.


Let us face these problems and make sure that our mother nature is wholesome & salubrious again. All of us can take little actions towards a better and greener planet. One rule adopted by the Indian administration is banning plastic all over the nation, and here is another action by us in the form of using plastic replacements.


While starting up, all of us have seen blossoms enclosed in the cellophane layer ordinarily, and following the plastic prohibition, our first impression was – what about flower bouquets and arrangements? But we can substitute that as well.


Here we bring you a few eco-friendly flower arrangements:-


Lilies and Alstroemeria

A beautiful bundle of yellow lilies that signify happiness and a feeling of walking in the sky. United with charming Alstroemerias, which means fellowship, support, success, and new beginnings. This flower arrangement enclosed in jute is perfect for somebody you want to stimulate and cheer up to achieve their dreams. So, go ahead and send them to your dear ones with online flower delivery.


Colourful Bouquet Of Mixed Flowers

Bright, eco-friendly, & exotic- this flower design is the entire package. It includes yellow roses, Blue Lisianthus, & Pink Statice. These beautiful flowers are wrapped in jute flawlessly and express old fashioned values, coupled with calm attention and can be gifted to an old friend, recalling them you’ll always be by their side.


Mixed Roses Bouquet In Jute Wrapping

Roses are one of the most loved flowers on this planet. This flower arrangement has red, pink, white, and yellow roses mixed and elegantly wrapped in jute. With the rich roses & beautiful jute wrapping, this wreath seems refreshing and can add value to anyone’s day.


Purple Orchids

Beautiful purple orchids wrapped in jute, this package is an excellent illustration of royal splendour. This unique eco-friendly flower arrangement is intended to be given to somebody you appreciate and admire. It is also a splendid passion of love, and you can send them to your cherished ones with free flower delivery.


Layered Red Carnations

Known as the heads of god, carnations are a perfect fragrance and charm. They have a remarkably long vase life which is 14 days. They are located in almost every colour. This layered red carnation flower arrangement swaddled in jute is an impeccable expression of appreciation and love.


Mixed Rose Bouquet

Roses are amongst the most cherished flowers in this world. This blossom arrangement holds pink, yellow, red, & white roses mixed and elegantly enclosed in jute. This flower arrangement looks genuinely pleased with the bright roses & traditional jute wrapping and can add charm to anybody’s day. Makes a good choice if you need to send roses online.


Red Anthuriums

Exotic flowers with heart-shaped leaves, anthuriums are also recognized as Flamingo Flower, Boy Flower, Coated Tongue & Painter’s Palette. They are bold, deep red flowers that are enticing & long-lasting. They expressed generosity and blended with jute wrapping, and they are ideal to be gifted to a friend wishing them fate.


Read Protea

This is amongst the most traditional perennials on the planet, & protea is a beautiful and fascinating flower. These striking blossoms have different representations in different cultures. The Red Protea flower is a traditional emblem of love and enthusiasm. You can ordinarily gift these perennials on occasions of victory and happiness.


How is Jute Eco-Friendly?

Why do we drive to jute? Here is the key to that:

  • Jute is biodegradable & compostable.
  • It is too recyclable.
  • Jute can be raised without pesticides & manure.
  • Cultivation of jute intensifies soil fertility which helps future crops.
  • You can re-use jute.

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