9 Great Ways to Style Delicate Hair Accessories

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Adding a hair accessory is the easiest way to style your look, but it is not that simple as it looks. Women love pairing their favourite outfits with matching hair accessories. Think of a coloured power suit being paired up with pearl bobby pins that will give your hair a fine look. Or a simple yet fitted scrunchie with beachwear isn’t it cool? Each of the hair accessories holds some symbolism and there is something about hair embellishments that make it a favourite thing among all the essential things. 

If you are not good at styling on your own, you can take tips from the internet or a hairstylist about placing the pins, a mini claw clip, and barrettes into hairs. 

Embellished Bobby Pins 

They are a style trend nowadays! How can you make it more graceful by opting for pearls and other fun shapes? Though the number is your choice, wearing several or a ton will look superb. You can’t go wrong with bobby pins and they will keep any of the flyaways in check. There are a variety of bobby pins available to shop including cold hairpins with flowers, gold shell, pearl bobby pins, crystal bobby pins, and much more.


There are padded nylon headbands available out there to give the hairs the most stylish look. This trend was popular in earlier times as well and has not slowed down since then. Giving an elegant look, your favourite options are easy to shop for and also work perfectly when you have messy hairs and you want them to settle down. The variety of headbands include denim headband, tie-dye padded headband, beaded headband, floral beaded headband, and many other stylish bands. 


Bows are loved by women as they are emphatic and simple at the same time. If you love wearing designer clothes or beauty products, keeping a long ribbon will be a good option. It can also be worn as a checker or you can tie it around your neck. There are draped bow scrunchie, velvet bow barrette, big linen bow, French barrette hair bow for you to get a chic look.

Hair Barrettes & Clips 

By hair claw clips for thick hair, don’t get mistaken for colourful butterfly clips, though it is completely fine if you want to bring them back. Hair barrettes are available in different forms and they can give an elegant look when styled in an accurate way. You can consider wearing multiple sets of barrettes in your braid or ponytail to get an extra cool look. Go for triangle barrette, tortoiseshell, and rhinestone barrette, circle side pearl barrette, slim barrette duo, etc. 


Scrunchies are back in trend and are more popular than before! You may have seen the plush, oversize satin, and others have been a part of the hair accessory trend. Easy-to-wear hair accessory! Decorate your hairdo for an extra pop or you can also wear it around your wrist. Shop for the maxi scrunchie, vintage giant scrunchie in floral linen, silk scrunchie available in different colours and designs! 


Transforming your hairstyle is easy with this type of hair accessory. The pony wraps are available in beautiful designs and they will give a stylish look to hairs. They are thick, soft, and stretchy and give a firm grip on your hairs. The accessory is similar to scrunchie and does not cause any damage to your hairs like the other elastic bands. Protect your hairs while styling without pulling or breakages. 

Poly bands

Give your messy hairs a dressy look with the poly bands available in the market. Whether you are working out, on a jog, or on a date, these bands serve the best in tying the hairs well. Available in different colours, they come in pack form and you will always have plenty in hand for a perfect look.

Snap Clips 

Unlike regular clips, it is a cool snap clip that keeps the hair out of your face and clips your hair back in the style. It serves as a perfect accessory for girls who wish to get a stunning style right away. Having a unique double snap, it is way stronger than the ordinary clip and is specifically designed to hold the style all day long. Wearing this clip is not limited to any specific type and they are adaptable as well as practical. You can buy it online easily.

Topsy Tail 

It is an innovative hair tool that enables you to create an array of flips, twists, ties, and twirls simply at your home. No more boring hairstyles and you can give a stylish look to your hairs with the confidence of having a gorgeous look. It serves perfectly for busy girls without any compromise with the style. You can easily use a topsy tail as it is suitable for all hair and age types.

Hair accessories are suitable for every simple to the big occasion. It has everything that needs to be taken from the desk to the dance floor. With so many hair accessories available, you will be able to create an elegant look at your home itself. Creating a trendy look every day with the variety of accessories available!

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