Best 5-Marla House Designs & Considerations

Some 5-Marla House Designs

A 5 marla house covers an area of 2,000 square feet, perfect for a small family of 4-5 members. You can make a single storey or a double storey house to make the most out of the 2,000 square feet area. While designing a 5-marla house, you should keep the following tips in mind.

We have compiled a list of the best 5-marla house designs, so you can turn your 25×50 feet plot into a spacious house.  For small plot house design or designs for small house for sale in Lahore, scroll down!

List of 5-Marla House Design

Plan A

This type of house can consist of two storeys. 

Ground Floor

The house can start with an 11×15 garage that has two entrances, one leading to the 12×12 drawing room, so you can invite your guests in directly. A connecting door and the main entrance of the house leads directly to the lounge with 20×11 dimensions. The lounge also has stairs that leads to the first floor of the house; we’ll come to that later.

As you go further into the lounge, you can see 3 bedrooms on the left. The rooms with dimensions 11×14, have attached washrooms of 5×8 dimensions as well as a large window so that you can view the 5 feet long backyard. There is also a 7×14 kitchen adjacent to the bedroom.

First Floor

A 14×9 seating area opens to the staircase, a master bedroom of 12×14 dimensions, with ensuite 6×9 bathrooms and a terrace. There are three bedrooms at the back of the house. 

Plan B

This plan includes you designing a single-story house.

This plan is perfect for a small family. This house can have an 11×13 garage as well as a 9×19 front lawn. The garden opens to a 13×11 lounge. There can also be a 132 square feet drawing-room, with access to a 6×11 kitchen and two 13×11 bedrooms. One bedroom has a 7×6 bathroom, while the other will only have a 6×8 bathroom. This plan would allow you to access the 4 feet backyard. 

This plan utilises the maximum space of your 5-marla plot as it only has a single floor.

Some Tips while designing your 5-marla house

Aside from the above-mentioned building plans, there are some other things that one needs to take care of while designing, to make you perfect for living.


Usually, the 5-marla plots are situated right beside the other, with little space separating them. This brings with it a concern of privacy, as some windows might open into your lounge, so while designing your 5-marla house, make sure the placement is kept with this aspect in mind.


Backyards and balconies, although allow you to enjoy the outdoors, also might allow the robbers to come in. thus there must be doors and grills on these spaces, to ensure the safety of your family.

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