Best Guide Related to Minor and Major Driving Test Mistakes

There are a lot of questions I received about the difference between minor and major mistakes. Also, many candidates are asking that how many minor and major mistakes are allowed in the practical driving test. First of all, let me clear one thing that there is a huge difference between minor and major mistakes. You are allowed to make 15 minor and 3 major mistakes in the practical driving test. But sometimes, only one major mistake may lead the candidate toward failure. There are many cases in which the candidates were considered to fail after performing just one major mistake. So in this article, I am going to tell you some factors you should implement to avoid failure. These factors will also help you to avoid both minor and major mistakes.

How Many Minors and Majors are Allowed?

As I mentioned above, that 15 minors and 3 majors are allowed, but the 5 minors are only allowed until you made the same mistake 3 times back to back. If you perform the same minor mistake 3 times, you will be considered as fail.

In the case of major mistakes, if you will perform a serious major mistake, you have to face failure. Also, if you make a dangerous major mistake, the result will be a failure.

How to Avoid Minor and Major Mistakes?

There are many ways to learn to drive, and the most effective way is to keep practicing more and more. We all know that practice makes a man perfect. So you have to practice as you can. But there are some guidelines and tips that I am going to share with you. So, are you ready? Let’s start with the guidelines and tips.

Try to Foresee Hazards:

A good driver has the potential and ability to foresee hazards and then act according to the situation. Of course, no one has the ability to look at the future, but experience and practice teach you to predict things. Day-to-day practices can teach you to predict many kinds of hazards. You can easily predict and prevent those hazards with the help of your experience. If you are learning to drive, you should hire a driving instructor that always teaches the best things to predict things. Your driving instructor will observe your driving skills very carefully and then teach you how to drive and prevent mistakes.

There are some important places where you should be extra careful:

  • You should slow down your car or vehicle when you approach the crossings, especially when you approach the zebra crossing.
  • In the public areas where a lot of pedestrians are made.
  • During the U-turn or around the corner.
  • When approaching the junction or any place with the visibility of a small area.

So these are the areas where you should try to practice with your instructor and ask your instructor to monitor you very carefully. This thing will help you a lot while performing your practical driving test.

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