Cancer & Libra Marriage Intimacy and Compatibility

Today, we will talk about the compatibility between Cancer and Libra when they are in a relationship. One can also consult an astrologer with their birth chart to get the marriage compatibility.

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Cancer & Libra Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

Since Mars is trouble in this combination, there would be a lack of initiation. Both would find it hard to initiate things, and hence the relationship might seem to progress slowly. Cancer’s nature is not something Libra will be fond of because they are pretty opposite of each other.

Cancer seeks emotional relationships before being physical with their person, and Libra needs experience, touch, and contact to build the emotions. If they are in love with each other, Libra might be patient enough, but the Air energy can still be overwhelming for the crab.

If both of these people start their relationship by becoming friends first, their relationship will have all the emotions needed since they both know each other already. However, if they don’t know each other, it is unlikely for a Libran to fall in love with Cancer at first sight.

Cancer & Libra Trust

There would possibly be no trust issues; however, it is the nature of both signs that can irritate them. Cancer, for example, wants a simple and peaceful life with only their close ones. Libra, on the other hand, needs constant approval from people and wants to be in the good books of everyone. This nature of a Libra would irritate a Cancer, and it would make them think if they really want a family and children with such person.

Libra will also find Cancer’s approach to a romantic relationship a bit unsettling, and hence things might get bitter sometimes.

Cancer & Libra Communication and Intellect

There would be decent communication between these two signs; however, they won’t share many topics or interests. Cancer being a water sign, has more stable thoughts and ideas than the Libra ruled by air. This can give rise to passive conflicts between them when they don’t respect each other’s approach to living life.

Libra is having a weak Sun normally needs a partner full of energy more than a Cancer can provide. This is the reason Libra becomes more stable with Fire signs. Cancer will rarely have the energy a Libra needs to shower on them.

Cancer & Libra Emotions

Emotions will not create conflict in their relationship since both are emotional signs and are ruled by Venus and Moon. However, their way of expecting emotions from their partner is way different. Cancer needs stability and someone who can give them love while being on Earth. Libra wants someone to take them to the sky, and hence their idea of a relationship is less grounded from a Cancer’s point of view.

Both signs might also keep thinking for someone who can give them the blast they need. They might not feel satisfied with each other; if this continues, they should talk about it and set each other free than making compromises every day.

Additionally, they should have their birth chart read by an astrologer for more accurate prediction.

Cancer & Libra Values

Both of them seem to share the same values as family and relationships. It will be a rich relationship if they find this joyous connection with each other. If it happens, they will have trouble letting each other go as both would understand that it is not easy to find such a connection.

However, their values differ too, such as Cancer wants to love, tenderness, and care, whereas a Libra is more about responsibility and platonic love.

Cancer & Libra Shared Activities

Cancer and Libra can share many things together and do activities together. But the question is if they want to! Cancer might have trouble with the grumpy attitude of their Libra partner and might ask them to keep their grumpiness to themselves.

A Cancer would indulge in traveling and want to have a safe home and their relationship intact. A Libra, however, may not be very good at managing their home. A Libra might take advantage of the mild temperature of Cancerian as they need someone stronger and dominating to take charge on them.

Wrapping Up

Overall this duo doesn’t have much success rate because both expect different things. A Cancer wants someone more responsible and respectful for their emotional needs. A Libra wants someone full of energy than being emotional and tender all the time.

To make the relationship work, they should discuss their expectations out at the beginning of the relationship. This way, they won’t be hurting each other’s expectations much.

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