Car Rental During the Pandemic: A Checklist for A Safe Journey

The health and well-being of clients is the most important thing. Find out what car rental companies are doing to ensure your safety and help you book with confidence and peace of mind.

Now, governments recommend respecting physical distance, opting to go by car, by bike or on foot, instead of using public transport. Makes sense. Cars, in particular, are a means of transport that offers great privacy: they are a way to get where you want to while maintaining physical distance.

When it comes to car rental in Los Angeles, companies are committed to ensuring the highest standards of hygiene. They have adopted all kinds of measures to minimize the risk of contagion at all stages: from your arrival at the counter until the moment you return the keys.

What Rental Companies Are Doing to Ensure People’s Safety?

In the offices they have applied the health and safety measures that we have become accustomed to seeing in stores, banks, supermarkets and other places. They provide PPE to customers and employees, remember the need to respect physical distance, there are protective screens on the counter, they clean frequently using approved disinfectant products, etc.

In the car, cleanliness has always been important, but now, rental companies have gone one step further. They disinfect the cars after each rental, especially the places that are most touched, such as the seats, the gear lever, the door handles or the steering wheel. And any car that may have come into contact with the coronavirus is quarantined.

The rental car industry is also doing its best to help customers who need to change a future reservation or who become ill during the rental. As time passes, rental companies update their protocols based on the latest recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local governments all over the world. 

The world is gradually opening up, and with it the opportunities for unforgettable trips. While distant countries are organizing air travel, travel in Los Angeles is already available to everyone. A rental car, a pleasant company, goodies on the road and a new view outside the window – everything you need for a quality weekend or a whole luxury vacation.

Traveling by car is an easy and cool way to change your surroundings. Even if you don’t have a car, you can rent a car and feel the real wind of freedom. It depends only on you whether to arrange a road trip around the region for the weekend or an expedition to the ends of the world, book a room in a new city or spend the night with a tent under the starry sky.

To keep your trip smooth, check out our current coronavirus travel news page for all you need to know about preparing for travel in 2020.

In this article, we offer a checklist for a safe journey by car: from choosing a destination and renting a car to getting your belongings on the road.

Is It Safe to Travel by Car During COVID -19?

Yes, as long as you follow the precautions.

A car during the coronavirus is the safest alternative to public transport. It is easy to maintain social distance in the car and have minimal contact with other people on the trip.

Traveling by car with loved ones is the best way to make this unusual late summer bright and joyful

Do not forget about the standard hygiene rules during COVID-19, especially if you rent a car or use car sharing. Wearing gloves, airing and antiseptic surfaces are simple habits that will greatly reduce the risks when traveling by car.

Where to Go On a Road Trip During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Altai is one of the most popular travel destinations by car this year. And the most beautiful ones!

If you are planning a trip to a popular place, for example, to Baikal, Altai or the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, take care of booking accommodation and renting a car in advance. During the high season, it is always crowded, and this year there are especially many tourists.

Less obvious road trip destinations can be found in the list of the most beautiful travel destinations in California. And it is convenient to follow our interactive map which countries are open for tourists from California.

What to Bring and How to Prepare for Your Trip During the Coronavirus

Inexpensive and safe car rental, beautiful views, delicious food and good music are the main ingredients of a perfect road trip in Los Angeles

Masks, gloves and sanitizers of all stripes are the most fashionable accessories of the 2020 season. The road trip is no exception. Bring a couple of interchangeable sets of gloves, masks and hand sanitizer with you. It is more convenient to use disinfectant wipes and spray to wipe the contact surfaces in the machine. Do not forget about the main rule – to wash your hands in any incomprehensible situation. Just in case, take your bar of soap on the trip, it will come in handy.

A first-aid kit is relevant in any journey, but in a car trip in the new realities, it is simply necessary. Read how to assemble a travel first aid kit, and do not forget about a thermometer – better electronic, so as not to be afraid to break on the way.

Is It Possible to Rent a Car During a Pandemic?

Yes, you can rent a car during a pandemic. Analysts are even forecasting an increase in demand for car rental in Los Angeles and car sharing, and rental companies are introducing new measures for the safety of travelers. Industry leaders, for example, are investing in developing cars that don’t require keys to unlock.

Already now, when renting a car with Sixth, you will get access to a locker with keys via a mobile application. So you can order, pick up and return a car without personal contact with the company’s employees.

The Zipcar rental company went further and introduced mobile unlocking of cars: now you can do without keys, which are usually passed from hand to hand. Read more about the technologies that are changing the travel world in the post – coronavirus era – it’s exciting!

Otherwise, the procedure for renting a car for a client remains the same. The only thing experienced tourist’s advice is to book a car rental in in Los Angeles

, especially in popular places such as Sochi, Kaliningrad and Crimea – there are now a lot of people who want to go to the road trip.

A smart approach to car rental and a reliable company is the safest option to travel in 2020

Do I Need Travel Insurance Before the Pandemic Is Over?

To travel by car in Los Angeles, it is not necessary to take out special insurance against COVID-19. Do it if you feel calmer, but when you rent a car or check into a hotel, she is not asked.

Usually, when renting a car in our country and abroad, basic insurance is included in the price – as a rule, it is CDW, protection against damage. Please be aware that CDW does not cover broken glass, headlights, and burst wheels. Also, the rental price may include other types of insurance – for example, TI against theft.

The deductible is always indicated for the minimum insurance. This is the amount that you pay in case of something. Everything above is covered by the car rental office. To save money, as an additional option, you can reduce the deductible to zero, but it will not apply to glass and wheels anyway.

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