Christmas Decoration Dubai : 12 Ideas For The House

December has arrived, it’s time to dress our interiors to prepare for Christmas! Today I offer you my advice and my Christmas decoration ideas for the whole house. Easy tips that I hope will inspire you!

Christmas decoration ideas for a beautiful tree

The tree is often the star of the house! In terms of style, the choice is yours: refined or generous, contemporary or old-fashioned, follow your desires. To be sure to have a harmonious and elegant result, I have a few simple tips:

Limit the colors to create harmony : choose 2, maximum 3 colors for your decorations. This keeps your decor readable and harmonious. You can also opt for shades that have the most beautiful effect (only nude tones, only gold, etc.)

Vary the shapes, materials and finishes : as in the decoration of a room, they are often the ones that bring chic. This is particularly important if you choose to decline a single color. Vary the matte, shiny, smooth, sequined or embossed decorations… round balls, drops, stars, etc…

Add light : the light touch in the tree, which makes its decoration sparkle when night falls, is a bit what gives it life. Also, don’t forget the fairy lights! There is of course the essential led garland, but also this principle that I love fake led candles to clip on the branches: magic guaranteed.

Dress the foot nicely : It is often neglected, however, the foot of the tree also deserves its decoration. Personally, my preference is for natural materials. Today there are specific rattan supports, for example, but you can also use large baskets! It works perfectly, and it allows you to reuse it all year round.

Decorate the top : For me, a Christmas tree necessarily has its star at the top. It’s a bit of a finishing touch!

The little extra touch : my own touch is to place a (fake) sheepskin in front of the tree. Guaranteed cozy effect.

If we can’t redecorate the whole house, of course, scattering the magic of Christmas all over the place with little touches is on the other hand all the right thing to do 🙂

I really like the idea of ​​creating mini atmospheres : on a fireplace, a sideboard, the hall console, at the foot of the sofa, above a wardrobe, on a coffee table or even in the children’s room . They can be placed directly on the furniture, on a tray or even in a glass globe.

The principle is to make an assortment of small decorations . The ones that, for me, work every time in the matter: small Scandinavian houses, branches, beautiful candlesticks and worked candles, a light garland, and small fir trees. I also really like to place a few balls in the middle of it all, to make the decor sparkle.

Christmas decoration ideas to stage the staircase

Decorating the stairs is an idea that I love! This can be the staircase that goes upstairs , especially if it is visible from the entrance or the living room. But it can also be on the porch , to welcome your guests by putting stars in their eyes!

If the staircase has a railing, wrap plant and light garlands on it. And above all, place candles on the steps ! To avoid accidents, pretty lanterns will be perfect. And then, they also offer the advantage of protecting your candles from the wind. But you can also bet on LED candles to create an illusion!

Draw on the windows to decorate the house

The drawings on the windows have been on the rise for a few years, and I understand why. First because it’s beautiful :). And then there’s this “inside-outside” aspect, not to mention that it’s very pleasant to do! If you’re hesitant, know that it’s really within everyone’s reach with a model: you just have to place it on one side of the window and follow its lines with a suitable felt pen.

My post for these Christmas home decor ideas wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t tell you about the table. For the dishes, I already told you about my essentials for a festive table in this previous article. From these basics , all you have to do is add the decor for a dinner in style! Minimalist, bohemian, nature, for the style, it’s up to you. If you are looking for inspiration, you will find HERE 5 sublime tables with my tips for reproducing them.

For the rest, here are some elements that work particularly well for me for a Christmas table:

The vegetal touch : for me, vegetation is an essential on a Christmas tableware decoration. It can be added in small touches, with a sprig slipped into the napkin ring for example, or even in the center of the table. Another option, a large vase with a few branches of fir and/or eucalyptus. This last idea has the advantage of being easily moved at mealtime to accommodate the dishes.

Candles : yes, again, because there are never enough of them, and their light is incomparable to create a warm table. The small candles to place near each seat are very practical for large tables so that everyone has their own little flame, and I fell in love with this birch-looking model.

The ginguette garland above the table : We often neglect the light above the table, yet it is essential. Rather than the overwhelming ceiling light that lacks privacy, I suggest you use a guinguette garland. The lighting is perfect, and the effect too!

Seat marks : Large families know that the table plan at Christmas is welcome. But pretty place cards also bring an extra touch to more intimate Christmas dinners!

Nicki Jenns

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