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What is Qitcoin?

Qitcoin is an IPFS based decentralized engine that helps people to quickly access the searches; data, identity, and assists of the users are under complete privacy. It is a decentralized search engine which fuses highly easy mining techniques. Effective interaction in any work provides success and this is what this software has achieved; they promised to provide efficiency in work without involving a third party. The utmost concern of the users about losing personal information has been solved as it stores data on various nodes of the network. Secondly, all the results are displayed and listed according to the searched keywords; these are listed in the distributed nodes with no insertion of ads in the middle of them. How appealing it is that each user owns the private key which helps them to control and decide who can get access to their data. The individual can share the private key with the desired person or company; this is why it is considered safe as it ensures the privacy of every user and does not let anyone steal the data. Many people have been encouraged to take part in this as it is the solution to people’s concerns; it will definitely help to attain an outstanding ecological cycle and allows us to learn the economical model of this software.

Qitcoin Mining Software

Cryptocurrency mining has made it very difficult for an average person to mine a lot of knowledge about certain machines is required. Not only this, but it also requires a lot of resources to use which has caused mining harder and less doable. Qitcoin being free from all these problems ensures an eco-friendly environment that guarantees low noise and energy levels. Also, it does not demand any specific kind of equipment or any professional knowledge. PCOC2 consensus algorithm is the base on which it has been built; the economic model of this software tells us that after every three minutes, it produces a block where one block is 2MB in size and produces 75 QTC that boasts a total of 3000P network capacity. The mining mechanism of this technology is very helpful as it targets those who would be interested to take part in network running; this mining mechanism has been established after fully analyzing the problems of other mining mechanisms.

QTC denies the centralized computing system and brings in to play the hard disk storage; thus, stops forming monopolies. Before the mainnet was put into work, 105 million of QTC was in total circulation and 21 million pieces were contained by genesis block accounting 20%. Now, the Mainnet will be live on 15th September 2021.


How Qitcoin Mining Software works

In QTC mining process, first of all, the hard disk plot file is filled with hash values and SHABAL algorithm by miners where the plot file is regarded as the progression of software manufacturing. After that, the transaction occurs between peer-to-peer networks that are composed of Bitcoin-based wallets. The next process is called ‘Forging’ where the interaction of miners is made with the network group through the wallet system. Whenever the wallet collects the block, processing of the next block is initiated. Organization of block and sending of hash values to the miner is also done by wallet where it tries to find the best corresponding nonce. Thenceforth, nonce sets a time limit; when this limit reaches, the block is ready to broadcast. In the end, after broadcasting of block, verification is encouraged.


How Qitcoin help Miners

PoW mechanism consumes more energy and forces miners to trade currency which leads to the falling of the mining economy. The computing power of this mechanism produces monopoly drive common people out of the market as it demands special kind of equipments and in-depth professional knowledge. Qitcoin has adapted a PoC mechanism that helps everyone to participate in mining. It helps miners to participate with ease going as it only requires a hard disk which can be available easily from the market. Thus, it has made a mining system simple and reachable that will generate a secure well-run product. PoC mechanism is eco-friendly where it provides the constant and automatic expansion to QTC; low power consumption helps miners to predict the income. Also, it helps in reducing the risk of price flux in the secondary market.

Hence, Qitcoin ecosystem is the one that can solve the issues of miners through its simple, innovative, and cheap mining mechanism.

Nicki Jenns

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