Frame Straightening After a Car Accident: Is It Safe?

Commercial vehicles for transporting passengers and goods have an independent frame due to the conditions of load, operation, and size. Given these demands, they are subject to deformations of their structural elements, such as the frame and the cabin.

To correct them, they must go to specialized workshops in frame straightening in Los Angeles. Nowadays, it is observed with greater frequency that workshops specialized in repairing the frame of heavy vehicles use bench equipment with the same functionality and benefits as light equipment, but with specific characteristics that facilitate operations, reduce time and improve the quality of the final repair.

The car frame is one of the most delicate elements since it works as a structure and support for all the other parts. Therefore, the question of whether to directly repair or replace a frame is of utmost importance.

In case of slight deformation, cold frame straightening in Los Angeles is possible. In this way you could try to return the frame to its original position. However, it must be taken into account that it is a risky process since the steel could be forced too much and cause breakage, especially in the case of high-strength steel. In addition, it is quite difficult for a frame to be 100% perfect after cold forming, although a good professional can leave it almost like new.

Structure of Car Frame

The frame can be made up of beams for mounting the vehicles or an anchored non-deformable frame. In any case, they must allow the frame to be fixed, guarantee a level surface and have the capacity for high loads and tensions. Frame straightening in Los Angeles is safe and helps the car to move smoothly. 

The fastening or mooring system. However, these frame straightening in Los Angeles handle elements and equipment with high weights. An adequate subjection of the frame must be carried out to not affect the quality of the repair and final measurements.

Induction heater: this equipment simplifies the straightening activities in the frame. It reduces the stress in the areas that are being repaired without generating obvious changes in their structure or mechanical properties. Frame straightening in Los Angeles helps drivers to move smoothly and safely on roads.

Measurement and verification system. Mechanical measuring systems such as symmetric gauges are commonly used. Although there are measurement and verification systems that use laser meters, in the local repair market. It is not common to find digital systems that compare against plans and generate reports.

Drafting equipment. Drafting systems are made up of anchors, drafting towers, hydraulic ports and high capacity accessories. Frame straightening in Los Angeles uses this equipment in the procedure.

Repair tabs. You must have the manufacturer’s sheets with the reference measurements.

Frame Classification

Heavy vehicles have particular configurations and materials, and each of their components requires different repair methodologies, be it longitudinal beams, crossbeams, cabs, or even bodies.

The benches used for Frame straightening in Los Angeles allow the rigid truck frame, tugboats, trailers, trailers, and even bodies. In addition, they are suitable for repairing lateral deformations, exerting compression, making relative displacements between beams (rhomboid), and correcting differences in height between beams and torsion.

Given these conditions, the equipment market commonly sells floor benches and frame benches.

Heavy vehicles have particular configurations and materials, and each of their components requires different frame straightening methodologies in Los Angeles.

Floor Frame. It is a structure of high-strength metal beams anchored to the ground and configured to provide resistance to the application of forces generated in the straightening processes. The configuration of the beams allows the anchoring of fasteners and drawing equipment. The anchoring, stretching, and accessory elements can withstand up to 40 tons and pressures up to 70 MPa.

For their part, the draft elements are generally towers located in the structure as required to effect the efforts on the frame.

Floor frame straightening in Los Angeles offers several advantages:

  • The assembly and anchoring tasks are more practical.
  • Mobilization around the bench area is less limited.
  • The bench area can be used to intervene vehicles of different sizes in operations other than drawing. This optimizes the workshop area.
  • A central service pit can be added to optimize mechanical work.

Platform Frame. It is made up of a metal platform fixed to the workshop floor, sized to allow a trailer to enter. In this case, the fixing systems are anchored to the metal platform of the bench and not to the floor. In this way, both the anchors and the stretching systems can move freely along the frame.

In this case, the drafting systems are composed of column-type towers. They are perpendicular to the frame of the bench, which can move along as required by the stress location. Hydraulic cylinders up to 50 tones are used to perform the pull, and cylinders can be used to perform pushes as required.

Among the advantages of platform frame are:

  • If you have the right accessories, frame straightening in Los Angeles allows great efficiency to clamping and stretching of booths.
  • It allows an exact location of the towers to carry out the efforts.
  • Measurement with mechanical/analog systems is more practical.
  • Allows pulling and pushing efforts.

Frames for cabins. Although some minor repairs to the cab of heavy vehicles can be carried out without dismantling it, in other cases, it is necessary to intervene separately due to the damage to the structure. In this case, the use of a bench is required in which the efforts can be adequately carried out in the appropriate measure and direction. They are commonly attached to the bench frame or floor structure beams, but independent mobile systems are identified.

The fixing systems are made up of templates attached to the lower platform of the cabin, and configuration with drafting towers. It allows it to be brought back to heights efficiently and practically.

Drafting systems are made up of high-rise towers that perform vector shots for shaping the upper part of the cabin. Hydraulic cylinders are usually used for the shaping of interior parts and platforms. Some internal parts and surfaces can be measured by templates, and the tops and external parts by mechanical symmetry systems. 

I hope this article helps you to understand the concept of frame straightening in Los Angeles!  

Nicki Jenns

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