How To Grow Your Nails Faster?

Your nails may be short, brittle, because of the varnish that didn’t let them breathe, and eaten away by the stress of everyday life. Your nails are not as long as you would like and you do not know what to do to let your nails grow? Here are the easy and effective tips from Revlon to guide you to beautiful long nails!

In summer, nails usually grow faster than in winter. If your nails grow slowly, you need to change certain habits and behaviors! Nails are like hair: they grow continuously throughout our lives. And fortunately! That way, if you have the bad habit of gnawing at them, or damaging them, their growth will never be stopped. However, if you abuse your nails, the regrowth turns out to be slower. Also, the nails grow by 0.1 mm per day, which means that you still have to take care of them, because new nails will not appear overnight!


As we have seen, nails are like our hair, because they grow continuously all our lives. Also, nails and hair are made of keratin fibers, which naturally, need maintenance. Nails grow from the base protected by Cozmada nails care. The nails, therefore, grow very slowly, at a rate of 3 to 4 millimeters per month. It, therefore, takes 3 to 4 months for a nail to grow back completely, depending on the people and our age.

It is important to know that nails, just like hair, reflect our state of health. If the latter grow poorly, or little, it is possible that certain factors disturb their regrowth.
For example, stress, fatigue, poor diet, or illness are factors that slow their growth. It is therefore imperative to protect them from the outside and from the inside.


Taking care of your nails externally is not enough. Indeed, the body reflects the decisions we make on a daily basis in our diet. “We are what we eat”
Dietary deficiencies can negatively impact your nails and grow them as well as their appearance and quality. To grow nails faster, it is important to adopt a diet rich in protein (for keratin), calcium, vitamin B, copper (to stimulate growth), as well as zinc.

In order to grow your nails faster, we regularly eat whole grains, eggs, meat, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables (preferably greens), brewer’s yeast to mix in your food and dairy products.

A balanced diet promotes nail growth

You can also take fortifying dietary supplements in case of vitamin deficiency depending on what you lack the most. However, it is important to eat well and not skip a meal, as a lack of nutrition can deteriorate the condition of your nails and greatly slow their growth.


Some brands, such as Mavala or Herome, offer treatments that promote good nail growth. Indeed, their cosmetic products promote blood flow which will lead to rapid growth.

Also choose organic and vitaminized varnishes, which nourish the nails and strengthen them rather than providing them with toxic chemicals. These nourishing varnishes are usually transparent and strengthen the nails by preventing them from being damaged.

For this, four simple and natural recipes to strengthen your nails and promote their growth


Hydration is also essential for stronger and more beautiful nails that grow at a regular pace. It is therefore necessary to think about moisturizing your nails daily, with balms, oils or nourishing creams. These moisturizing products must contain castor, argan, or olive oil in order to be effective.

If you prefer grandmothers’ recipes, you can also apply garlic or lemon to your nails, which promote their growth.


  • Wear gloves during cleaning to avoid damaging the nails with chemicals.
  • Place a transparent base on your nails all the time before applying color polish.
  • Remember to repel the cuticles, but do not cut them, because they have a protective function. Cutting them would weaken the growth of your nails.Do not bite your nails, this prevents good regrowth and gives them an irregular shape
  • Do not cut your nails, file them. This gives them a better shape while shortening them, which promotes regrowth.
  • Don’t always put varnish on yourself! The varnish, although very pretty, damages the nails and encloses them. To let them breathe, take breaks between each pose.
  • Choose varnishes that do not contain chemicals, such as acetone.

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