Cost of Hiring a Private Detective Agency in Delhi?

A very common question that comes to the mind of millions of people while hiring a private investigator is how much it will cost them. Generally, people think that hiring a private investigator in Delhi is a costly affair because of the service that this private investigator provides compared to the regular police. They are fast, efficient, accurate, and respect your privacy.

If you are about to hire a private detective agency for your personal work, you are right. These detective agencies or agents are highly professionals and are well trained. They can take up any challenges to provide you with the most accurate reports in the shortest possible time. As in this article, we will tell you what factors determine the cost of hiring a private detective agency. And as a bonus, we will also tell you the most efficient and highly professional private detective agency in Delhi NCR region.

Factors that affect the cost of private investigators.

Below are some of the prominent factors which govern the expenses of hiring a private detective.

Basic Charges:
Basic Charges or Base charge is an upfront cost that you must submit for future work. The actual amount may depend upon the actual factor like the city of investigation, the type of case to investigate, and the experience of the detective agency. These amounts vary from agency to agency; therefore, before you finalize, make sure to ask them if retainer fees are required or not.

Hourly Rates:
If you are approaching a private detective agency for services like surveillance, investigation, or background check, most detective agencies may charge you hourly. The total cost will equal the number of hours an agent has worked in a week/day multiplied by the day’s cost.
However, in most detective agencies, the hourly rates are often negotiable.

Flat Rate or Fees:
If you are approaching for a background check to locate a missing person or evidence for your court case, then the detective agency may charge you flat pricing. This means that the price has nothing to do with the number of hours spent by the agents. If you are looking to hire a private detective agency for a missing person case in the Delhi NCR region, the average price may vary from 5000 to 10000 rupees.

Prices May Vary According to Location:
If you are hiring a private detective agency, then the location they have to search also determines the price. If their base location and investigation locations are the same, the prices will be lower. However, if they have to go to other cities for investigations, the cost would differ. It will be more as it will involve food and refreshment allowances, vehicle Maintenance allowances, daily allowances, etc.

Other Factors:
The other factors which are not so common but may affect the price of investigations are the risk involved, the need for any specialized types of equipment, miscellaneous fees like court dues, phone calls, postage and communication charges, and parking fees, etc.

The charges may depend upon the agency time and type of services you are hiring. On average, hiring a private detective agency in India is not very costly compared to the results.

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