How Easy Is The Syllabus Of MA English For Students In Lpu?

The Lpu University is providing both regular and distance education courses for the students. During this corona crisis, it is better for the candidates to study through the DE online. The course called ma English is available for the students who have completed graduation in any of the disciplines or equivalent. A lot of the ma streams are present in this lpu and the students are showing interest in the ma English course. The lpu distance education ma english syllabus is very much easy and so even the average students will find it comfortable to study and get the graduation.

What are the syllabuses present in the first semester?

The doing the ma English course will be the useful one for the students to get a good job in the many of the mnc companies both in the local and in the abroad. It is the useful one for them to get a decent job and also using the certification it is comfortable for them to do any other Pg courses. The syllabus for the English ma is in the first semester  The structure of modern English, English fiction, Tradition English drama, Indian versus(Elective), language and literature teaching, and research methodology. These entire syllabuses include both the oral and written tests with the paper presentation and thesis. So using the online classes it is possible for the students to study the distance education course and have the video call for further discussion.

What is the second semester syllabus?

Since the Master of Arts course in the stream of the English will have the duration of two years. Therefore for all four semesters, the syllabus is listed on the official website of this lovely professional university. It is completely clear and also gives a clear idea about the course. Distance education will now be the simple one for the students as they are getting the convenient syllabuses for the second semester also like the structure of modern English, English drama, Indian prose works, etc. The lecturers will cover all the topics in the syllabus and also it is possible for you to study on your own in distance education using the study materials.

What kind of topics is covered in the final year?

The final year of the lpu distance education ma english syllabus consists of various topics like literary theory and Criticism, poetry, and Shakespeare in the third-semester subjects. The electives like American literature, research methodology, etc. are present. The same set of the syllabus for the subjects is obtained in the final semester of the cause also for the distance education students. The electives that you are getting for the last semester are that American literature. These kinds of the topics will make the students to become the professional in the English language and also it is convenient for them to study and attend the online classes from their home any time. So when the students are working in the part-time job then they can spend only a few hours attending the online classes. Thus the graduation in ma English is complete easier from this top university.

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