How Pandemic Has Affected Virtual Dating Scenes?

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone. As hundreds of thousands of others grieved for loved ones killed by the virus, some people have been financially strained as a result of the economic downturn. However, the pandemic’s impact on another population may have a different set of severe consequences.

The pandemic altered one major social aspect for single people: dating. In the midst of a national lockdown, how do you date?

Since the pandemic last year, an increasing number of singles have turned to date websites to meet potential matches. Today, consumers have a lot of options; if they want something more casual, most dating apps cater to them; if they want to marry, there are so many matrimonial platforms; and now, if they want a meaningful connection but don’t want to go the cliched biodata route, we are filling that gap. Not So Arranged is for those looking for something more serious, without the meaninglessness of swiping left and right or reading biodata that doesn’t tell you whether you’ll be on the same wavelength as the person.

Having said that, the modern dating process has also slowed. People are spending more time conversing and getting to know one another. Instead of simply swiping right and moving on to the next profile, courting is making a comeback. When you’re paired with someone who complements your personality, you’re less likely to have forced, awkward conversations and more likely to form a long-term relationship. We strive to accomplish this through the use of a Compatibility Quiz created by a psychologist with years of experience in relationship counseling and premarital assessment.


How people meet each other is one of the few things that hasn’t changed much this year: a lot of it happens on dating apps. After all, you’re not going to run into your ideal partner in lockdown, unless it’s the delivery person or the FedEx driver. Sure, an app allows you to meet people you might never meet in person and easily screen out people who aren’t a good fit. But we all know that swiping around can feel like looking for a dolphin in a fish tank. As a result, try a few different apps until you find one or two that consistently deliver matches you’re actually interested in.

It’s almost always a bad idea. It can be awkward, and if it doesn’t work out, your friend group may end up siding with you. There are exceptions to every rule, but remember that your desire for human connection during a lonely period should not cause you to burst your bubble.

Virtual Dates – keeping them interesting:

While meeting virtually isn’t the same as meeting in person, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on finding love. The year of the Zoom date was 2020. While virtual dates aren’t a perfect substitute for in-person meetings, seeing someone’s facial expressions allows you to get to know them better and ensure you like their appearance — despite having to hesitate if either of you is somewhere asymptomatic.

There are people who want to try new things on video dates and ask us for suggestions on how to keep things interesting on the second or third date. A great tip is to agree to do something ahead of time. It can be as simple as sharing a drink or going to a virtual concert, an online class (such as cocktail making), a workout, or even cooking a meal together – be creative. It will not only be a fun date, but it will also serve as excellent conversation starters. Even if it isn’t the first date, there are a number of social distancing date ideas you can try to break out of a relationship rut during this time.

Also, just because you’re not leaving your couch for a (video) date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best – it will help you feel your best as well. Change out of your pajamas, take a shower, and put on your favorite outfit. Wear that new top you haven’t worn in a year, do your hair – it can really help lift your spirits.

You’ll feel fantastic on your date and more like yourself.


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