How to Create Videos for Marketing Your Brand


Other than dealing on text-based-content, video content are another interesting way that brands use to reach out to prospects and leads. In video content creation, there are lots of do’s and don’ts. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical guide on how to create video content that can be used to fuel your brands profit margin. Without further ado, grab your camera and follow this guide on how to create the best video content for your brands marketing scheme!

#1 Plan Your Video Content


Any brand that want their video content to be potent in reaching out to customers should learn to plan their videos. You need to have a purposeful video content. Any effort put into purposeless videos are just a total waste. Your brand should have a marketing target, a plan and the video content should be the best way to communicate the intents of the brand to its potential customers.

Your marketing team should also have some synergy with the purpose of creating the video for marketing. If they are not in line with the video creation plan, you would end up, re-editing, re-shooting and mostly re-framing your videos.

Your brand can leverage some cool software tools like Google forms. Which they can use  to achieve video content idea resonance across marketing team members of the brand.

With the Google forms software, you can ask the team members same questions related to the video creation project and get all needed answers in one place.

Here are some questions that can be used to establish video creation-idea-resonance amongst marketing team members:

What is the brands target audience?

The brands marketing team should be well aware of the buyer persona of their target audience.

What is the purpose of the video content?

Is the video meant for increasing brand awareness? Is it meant for advertising a trade show? Is it for a new product lauch? Your brands marketing team needs to know what the steps the target audience would take after they are done watching the video content.

What platform is the video going to be live?

Is the video going to be premiered on facebook, the company’s mobile app, twitter or Youtube? Would the video be a live stream or not? What is the target location the audience viewing the video? All this questions and its possible should be carefully rehearsed in other to achieve the best results.

How Long would your team be done with creating the video?

There should be a clear timeline for the video content that is to be created. If it is a video that should be worked on in months, or weeks, your team should have a content creation timeline.

Your brand should also have a different budget for various content creation timelines.

What is the budget for your video production?

Speaking of budgets, creating videos for your brands audience comes at some cost. In fact, it comes at two costs; the actual monetary cost and the other cost (TIME).

When you perform some research and set the financial terms relating to the video, you have completed 50% of the content creation job.

What are the video content creation requirements?

With your skillset as a video content creator, you need to understand the challenges that you might face. You need to know the type of skillset that is best for your project. Whether it is a graphic designer to create graphic assets for the video content or a video animation specialist?


What would constitute the success of the video content?

Here, you need to determine the key factors that would help your brand to match their video creation goals.

#2. Script Your Video

There are moments when you can allow your video content to be unscripted. But that should not be a norm. Whether you are creating video content on tear-jerking documentaries, biographies or video rants, they should be scripted. A script gives the video content a purposeful guideline.

If you do not script your video content, you might end up editing it more than required.


#3. Organize your Video Footage

This part of video content creation is s mind-numbing.

Imagine having to save your project everyday after the editorial workflow. Here, it is best to employ the services of some third party software like google drive or drop box. With these softwares, you can save your editing projects daily.




#4. Editing the Video

Filming the video content is not enough, editing your video content is the meat and bone of video content creation. There might be some confusion in the process of trying to edit the last part of videos. There are lots of free tools to experiment with Adobe Premiere, Maya Autodesk and Blender. Also, it is important to note that there are lots of free mobile apps that can be used for video content editing.


How to create a Workable Social Media Video Content Strategy

Now that we have a full grasp on how to create video content that can be used by your brand  for marketing, let us see how it can be consumed by social media. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at how to make your videos fit for use in social media marketing.

One of the best ways to take your brands marketing strategy to the next level is by using videos for social media marketing. For example, if your social media marketing goal is to get users to buy a product off a landing page, you can craft a teaser video that would make them to take a buyer action after watching.


Without further ado, let us get down to the best practices to follow in other to use your brands videos for social media marketing. We would be also reviewing different social media platforms and best practices to follow.



Twitter is one of the biggest platforms that you leverage when trying to promote a video for your brand. It can be used to drive a lot of viewers to take a buyer action. If prefer using the twitter platform for social media marketing, it is best to make the video content brief.

Online users find it easy to consume videos that have a lot of brevity in the content. Also, be sure to pin your videos to the top of your brands twitter profile. This would help to put the video in the spotlight for wider reach to prospects and leads.




Facebook is another interesting platform for sharing videos of your brand’s products and services to the world. Facebook is the most popular social media platform on earth. Did you know that people go to facebook in the morning to binge watch content that they missed overnight? It is a known fact that people binge watch videos on the internet at one point or the other.

It is best to make videos that be understood without sound, because a lot of people watch videos without a headset. You can indulge in a silent autoplay strategy to make interactive videos to curb this issue.

Also, try to create the best engaging videos as this would make the video content to gain a lot of traction in a short period of time.

Why facebook designed this algorithm, is so that video content that is valueable would be higher up the consumer chain for audiences.




One amazing fact that most digital marketers do not know is that Instagram is the first social media platform to initiate silent-autoplaying videos.

Well, after a while, Facebook adopted the innovation, so it is okay to say that considering this type of video in content creation is the way to go. It might first look unworkable to get the attention of users without sound, but here are a few best practices to help you out.

Start your video with motion that grabs the attention of the Instagram users while they are scrolling through their Instagram feed.

Incorporate text into your videos, also do well to include captions, as it helps the users to tag on without the need of sound.


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