How to Improve Web Page Speed and Increase Website Performance

Have you ever visited a company’s site that took ages to load? Did you like the experience? You will surely say, No. A website represents your company’s image, and it helps in creating the first impression. In today’s time when technology has improved so much, slow page speed and static websites could cost you business.

This is the reason why businesses are trying to make their websites more user friendly. Try to take a speed test for your website today itself and if required consult a good website designing company in Delhi for improvement. If you think your page and website speed is not up to the mark, try these tricks.

Check your hosting plan

You must have chosen the best hosting plan for your site when you started it. Maybe it is high time that you upgrade it. It will help you in your SEO, user experience and you can make changes whenever required without compromising the speed. 

Minimize HTTP Requests 

HTTP, in simple words, is a request-response protocol. The more the HTTP requests, the more the loading time. Try avoiding too many CSS, Flash, Images, Big Files etc. on one page. Consult a good web designing company in Noida to get expert advice about this. 

Optimize Images 

Image optimization will result in better ranking, faster loading, improved used engagement thus better conversions. 

Enable Browser Caching

Enabling caching will allow visitor’s drive or temporary storage to save elements of your website. This will reduce their loading time when they visit your site the next time. This will also improve the experience for first time visitors. 

Use File Compression 

File compression applications could reduce the size of your HTML, JAVA, CSS files. This will enhance file downloading speed a lot. 

Having a good website is not a choice but a necessity these days. Do not let your potential clients misjudge you or even worse, run away due to poor website performance. You also should update your website as per the changing technology and market trends. Ensure you reach out to only the best website designing company in Delhi to avoid any issues with your company website.

For expert suggestions you can reach out to Digital Net India, a renowned and trusted website designing company. They can provide you with the best solutions as per your business type, budget, and requirements. You can also consult them for SEO and Social Media Marketing solutions.

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