How to Uplift the Interior Decor of Playhouse

Just constructing a playhouse in your yard is not enough, you should make sure that it looks amazing. Along with the outer décor of the playhouse, it is equally important to uplift its interior décor. When it comes to interior décor, then you should make sure that flooring, furniture, window coverings, and storage solutions are visually appealing and smart. In this small guide, you will get to know about various ideas to make the interior of the playhouse fun-filled and functional. Let’s discuss these ideas in detail and make the playhouse’s interior decoration process simple:

  • Bright and Functional

Kids love bright and vibrant colors and you should decorate the playhouse which will be like your kids. Ranging from floor to ceiling, you should keep everything bright. You should paint the interior walls of the playhouse with bright color. Also, install a large size window that will let the natural light enter the playhouse and illuminate all corners. We recommend you choose a standard size 12×18 playhouse window for your playhouse. While decorating the playhouse, you should ensure that it is functional and cheerful.

  • Window Treatment

Another important task that will help in improving the visual appeal of your playhouse is window treatment. You should install curtains in your window that match the aesthetics of the playhouse. Also, install the flower box in the window of the playhouse to spread the fresh vibes all around. The colorful flowers on the window of the playhouse will make it look attractive from inside and outside. Before installing the window, you should ensure that the playhouse window is in a good state. If the frame is broken, then purchase the standard size 12×18 window glass for your standard size playhouse window. Once it is fixed, then start installing window frames. 

  • Instant Architecture

If your old playhouse needs a significant amount of renovation, then you should consider the installation of the ready-made panel walls. In this way, you can quickly upgrade the walls of your playhouse on a very small budget. While replacing the walls, you should make sure that you can easily install a playhouse 12×18 chicken coop window in them. You can use the tongue and groove sheets of the beadboard to upgrade the walls of your playhouse. You should cut this board with the help of the table saw and directly fix it to the studs with the help of nail guns.  

  • Use Play-Proof Fabrics

As the playhouse is specially designed for kids, therefore, safety is a top-notch priority. You should use the play-proof fabric in the kids’ playhouse. The indoor and outdoor fabrics are specially manufactured for active kids. The kids’ curtain should be made up of play-proof fabric that can improve the aesthetics of the playhouse and also control the entrance of sun rays.

  • Add Style To The Ceiling

Well, you do not need to design everything of your kids’ choice. When it comes to the ceiling of the playhouse, you can add appealing design features to it. When there is an amazing ceiling fixture in the playhouse, then it will make your playhouse parent-friendly. The ceilings are out of reach for your kids and you can freely create a ceiling as per your like. For instance, you can install a chandelier in the playhouse and add a classy touch to its interior décor.

  • Experiment With Salvaged Style

The kids’ playhouses are amazing and you can experiment with their design elements. But you may not do these types of experiments inside your home. You can use the wood designed for flooring purposes to decorate the ceiling of the playhouse.

  • Reading Nook

In the playhouse, you should dedicate one nook for reading purposes only. In the reading corner, you should arrange a proper seating system for your kids. Also, make sure that there is proper lighting in your playhouse. It is a good idea to pick this corner near the window side so that your kid can enjoy natural light while reading books. It is important to ensure that the size of the window is appropriate so that your kid gets proper sunlight exposure. You should consider purchasing a standard size window from the 12×18 window home depot. You should make sure that the seating arrangement is comfortable. If you want to take the seating arrangement one step ahead then add a cushion that is made up of water-resistant fabric. 

  • Proper Storage System

Space inside the playhouse is limited and you have to wisely decorate the interior of the playhouse. While improving the visual appeal of the playhouse, you should make sure that it is functional and attractive. It is important to add storage space in the playhouse. You can add storage space below the sleeping bench. In the storage cabinets, you can store toys of kids and various other belongings.

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