The next step is to find out the intricacies of your e-cig pen. Here are some steps you want to know and it all begins with reading the guide. But before that, check out and browse premium hookah pens that fit your needs.

Check Out Your Manual

Products include guides for a reason and your e-cig pen is no exception. If you recently purchased your pen for vaping, chances are the guide remains in the box.


Start looking for special warnings or instructions. These can inform you about any health hazards or impacts to watch out for.

Once you’ve completed reading your guide, you should understand the different portions of your vaping pen. Nonetheless, in case you don’t have it on you, you ought to be aware that a rechargeable battery powers your pen. In order for your pen to work, you are going to need to control it with the adapter provided with the vape pen.

Some people decide to conduct their vaping pens without any extracts or juice to try burning any debris and gunk made out of manufacturing. While it doesn’t totally remove the danger, it may help decrease what you do not want to inhale. You can do this by turning on your vape pen for about 30 to 90 minutes.

Load Tank

Once you’ve got all this done, load your tank with everything you want to vaporize. Since you’ve gotten to understand the types of pens in the prior chapter, you know what kind of materials you may place into your chamber.

Unscrew your chamber off your vaping pen, set what you would like to vaporize, and twist it back on. Refrain from putting anything in the chamber your pen is not supposed to vaporize since this might lessen your pen’s lifespan or even break it.

We have reached the part you have all been waiting for, grab your pen, turn it on and start puffing up. Certain pens have various means of turning on, so you need to check if your pen is automatic or button-activated before starting. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and begin breathing and hold for a couple of seconds before bending.

Now you know how to use your pen, you are able to puff one up whenever you want. However, you’re left with all the gunk that

wasn’t vaporized. How can you deal with the problem of cleaning your pen after you use it?

Maintaining Your Pen

Now that you are done using your vape pen, you are going to have to clean all that leftover residue. You might be asking yourself why you have to clean your vaping pen even if it’s only dry herbs.

Cleaning Your Vape Pen

First, you need to detach the mouthpiece, remove the heating chamber from your vaping pen and empty out any material left in the room. You need to clean out the heating chamber/coil and display based on what kind of vape pen you have.

Avoid becoming liquid in the streamlined wirings within your vape or in the room near the wick when cleaning your pen since it might break the complex elements of your pen.

For cartridge pens, the heating chamber can be carefully cleaned using a dab tool or cotton bud gently dipped in rubbing alcohol. In case you’ve got a concentrate pen, have a cotton swab with a bit of alcohol and carefully clean off wax from the coil.

For herb vaporizers, wash the display and heating room with a brush.

When you have removed all the unnecessary gunk, you can wash the isolated mouthpiece with water or alcohol. Finally, reassemble the pieces back together and then lightly wipe the exterior of your pen with a sterile cloth.

Start Vaping Up

Throughout this guide, you learned that there are different means of using a pen based on what type you have. You have to browse the pen’s manual before using it.

After that, charge your pen’s battery, do a dry run, load it using the right material based on the kind, and begin carrying your puffs. Finally, after you use your pen, be certain to properly wash it to keep its lifespan and guarantee.

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