Instagram Stories: Don’t Underestimate IG Stories For Your Business

Do you want to know the real power of Instagram Stories for your business? If you are eager to use Instagram Stories perfectly, this is the right blog for you. Here, you will know how to powerfully use Instagram Stories to attract, engage, and bring conversions with your followers. 

Ever since the inception of Instagram Stories, the number of users is increasing drastically. Now 90% of Instagram users are using Instagram Stories to communicate and update their followers and friends. 

As the Stories last for 24 hours, people feel free to share small or short glimpses from their daily life without hesitating or having a second thought as it will only be up there for a day. 

Instagram Stories has changed the way Instagram users share content and interact with each other. Now, after 5 years of Instagram Stories, there are so many features and functionalities added to Instagram Stories that make it such a powerful and effective way to share content and even run result-driven Instagram marketing campaigns. 

Businesses can harness the power of Instagram Stories to expand their reach and connect with their prospective customers and followers to derive exceptional value. 

Keep reading till the end of this blog to discover how you can use Instagram Stories more powerfully for your business. 

Understanding How Instagram Stories Work?

Statistics show that Instagram Stories are being used by more than 500 million Instagram users daily, which means it has enormous potential to reach millions of people with your content. 

It is found that Instagram Stories encourage Instagram Users to stay engaged on the platform and more Instagram stories. 

Instagram Stories only stay live for 24 hours and allow only 15 seconds of short videos to upload. Therefore, it makes it easy for Instagram users to stay engaged with the Instagram stories and use them in their marketing campaigns. 

As the attention span is getting lower and lower day by day, people don’t like to watch videos of longer duration. Thus short video clips are doing great and keep the interested audience engrossed for so long. 

Thus, you can use Instagram Stories to engage your followers and interested audience with 15 seconds creatively designed videos and keep them regularly engaged with your content. Moreover, there are so many filters and features provided by Instagram that make your Instagram Stories more powerful and interesting. 

There are various ways in which you can use Instagram stories to enhance your business. So let’s discover how to use them effectively. 

Different Ways To Use Instagram Storiesṣ For Business

Apply these below-given methods to retrieve amazing results through Instagram Stories. These are the tried and tested methods by various brands and businesses to use Instagram Stories to deliver amazing results. 

Thus, if you’re commencing your Instagram Stories strategies, then start with the following methods. If you’re already promoting your business through IG Stories, then it is a bet for you to discover a unique method to use Instagram Stories for your business. 

#1 Use Brand Stickers To Create Instagram Stories

Unlike other formats of content to post on Instagram, IG Stories provide you with various features that include themes, stickers, filters, and so more to create powerful Instagram Stories. For example, you can create amazing and beautiful-looking Instagram Stories using stickers that like your customers. You can find a plethora of stickers on Instagram Stories. You can even use Canva to creatively design Instagram Stories to promote and reach your followers that lay an impressive image.

#2 Embed Instagram Stories On Your Business Website

One of the amazing ways to use Instagram Stories is by embedding them on the website. It will add more unique, attractive, and engaging content to your website. Using the Instagram Widget or Social Media Aggregator tool, you can easily embed Instagram stories on your website. As people like to engage more with creative and innovative content than old-professionally sound website content, Instagram Stories can be an innovative approach to display content on your website.  

#3 Use Hashtags, Mentions, & Location In Your IG Stories

Another way to make splendid IG Stories is through hashtags, mentions, and location tags. These will make your Instagram Stories more specific, intriguing, and interesting to your audience. Depending on what type of content you are showcasing to your audience, you can use any tags to make them more attractive and engaging. 

#4 Keep Some Awesome Instagram Stories Forever With Highlights

You might be using Instagram Stories sometimes to deliver more important information related to your business or products or services. Instead of 24 hours, you can keep such amazing IG Stories forever save with you and display them on your Instagram through the highlight feature. 

Wrapping Up!

Hence, we have come to the end of this blog and discovered that Instagram Stories are so powerful to boost your business. You can create amazing content through Instagram Stories that too efficiently without using many resources. And the result it derives is marvellous. Thus, follow these methods to gain more out of your Instagram Stories and make a powerful content strategy to promote your business.

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