Instructions To Choose The Right Necklace Length

Is it true that you are attempting to sort out some way to pick the best necklace length or chain length? Or then again would you say you are simply commonly confused with regards to necklace lengths and types and not certain where to begin? 

We realize it tends to be precarious to work out. What’s more, we likewise realize that taking care of business can have a major effect when you need to have a style effect and look business-like. 

Since we need to assist you with choosing what will work best when shopping on the web for pendants and necklaces, we’ve thought of this convenient length guide, which incorporates a helpful ladies’ necklace length outline with inches and cm, in addition to tips on the best way to gauge for a necklace or pendant. 

Shockingly better, look down to track down an exceptionally valuable table to assist you with sorting out which necklace and pendant lengths will suit various neck areas and outfits. 


It will give you a thought of where every length is probably going to sit on a lady’s casing. 

Yet, recall that we all come in various shapes and sizes: assuming you don’t know, we prescribe that you require some investment to quantify before a mirror to perceive what will suit you (read on for tips). 

By the way, you ought to consistently think about what turns out best for you by and by with regards to adornments: your own fashion awareness, assembly, shading, and so forth. Also, we’re large fanatics of individuals defying gems ‘guidelines as they see fit! 


Standard (or princess) length statement necklaces (normally 45cm or 18″) are the most generally worn length and will suit most circumstances. In case you’re searching for a necklace or pendant to wear everyday, then, at that point this is probably going to be your go-to length. 

This length will for the most part sit over the neck area for lower cut dress or over the highest point of team necked and other high necked outfits. In case you’re wearing a pendant at this length it will sit in a satisfying V shape which will outline your face. 

Assuming you are tall or have a bigger casing, attempt an early showing length necklace (typically 55cm or 22″) to get a comparative impact. 


The least complex way is to gauge a current necklace (counting a chain necklace or necklace with pendant) which suits you or the outfit you’re intending to wear. A measuring tape will work a treat. 

In the event that you don’t have a current necklace to quantify from, you can utilize some string, strip or a delicate apportioning tape to figure out what will work for you. 

Remain before a mirror while doing this and it will be a lot simpler to work it out. You may require a self locking pin or someone else to hold the finishes together to assist you with finding out about how various lengths will sit on you. 

Why not have a good time and take a stab at a variety of outfits while you’re doing this? You can genuinely take a look at changed necklace lengths to perceive what will function admirably with each outfit and work out the thing you’re deficient in your gems assortment. You should look at our 15 Top Jewelry Style Tips and How to Mix and Match your Jewelry for additional plans to broaden and work on your closet and adornments assortment. 

At long last, make sure to remember that a pendant will for the most part hang in a V shape as opposed to with a gentler bend. You ought to likewise factor in the length of the pendant to see where the lower part of it will sit on you. 


Knowing which necklace and chain sizes will suit both you and the outfits you intend to wear is an incredible method to up your adornments game. Look at our helpful necklace style table beneath to find out about which lengths will work best in which situations. In any case, remember that there’s in no way like getting before a mirror to look at what works in reality. 


Those that are more limited or taller in stature, ordinarily have the hardest time in discovering a necklace shape that is ideal for them. More limited ladies regularly track down that long necklaces are made too long and taller ladies track down that a necklace that should be longer, sits too short in the middle. Investigate our stature guides to track down the best length for your tallness. 

Short – If you have a more limited edge of 5’4″ or beneath, then, at that point, search for necklaces that assist with prolonging your edge, however not hang excessively low. In case you are searching for a more limited necklace, attempt the 16″- 18″ length, as this should accommodate your extents effectively. When taking a gander at longer necklaces, attempt between 20″- 24″ as this will hang easily. 

Tall – When taking a gander at more limited styles, guarantee that the necklace size supplements your face shape before you purchase. 

Ordinary Height – Luckily those that are somewhere in the range of 5’4″ and 5’7″ can wear any necklace length, yet make sure to consider your face shape and body type before you purchase.

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