Interview with Sheikha Tickoo on giving a head start to Content writing

Sheikha Tickoo

How does writing make you feel happy? Do you help newbie writers to step into the content industry?

Writing makes me feel happy. Besides being a content writer, I am also a poet who writes all poetic musings and shares them on social media. I am a speaker and a storyteller who loves taking over the stage. The feeling of expressing my thoughts via writing gives me happiness. Yes, I teach newbie writers how to step up and excel in the world of content writing.

How do you overcome writer’s block? Could you give some tips

It is common for writers to get stuck with thinker’s block, but your daily writing habit will find a way of dealing with it. When I get stuck and have no ideas, I switch to other things of interest like writing short stories,  reading articles, and books, writing something unplanned or taking some fresh air.

There are numerous ways of overcoming a thinker’s block. Furthermore, writing never blocks your thoughts and imagination, you sometimes fall short of ideas.

Was it overwhelming to meet the expectations in the writing industry?

Making a decent income seems inspiring, but no one wants to look at the darkest side of the journey. When I stepped into it, I understood how to research, outline and write content. Initially, it was overwhelming to meet the expectations, as there were sad days of criticism rather than happy days.

However, I did not step back but learned the tactics like content marketing, SEO, and took some free courses from Hubspot.

Lastly, How do you research before and while writing your content?

Here I would like to mention that I keep Benjamin Franklin’s quote in mind “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” As I am a writer, I focus on writing something that is worth reading. I get the topic, research it, prepare an outline of what I need to mention in it. In addition, I keep in mind the target audience and user intent. Also, I don’t forget to keep a list of well-researched keywords with me.

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