Factors to Consider for Invisalign Method

Do you need to perform the Invisalign method? If you are having misaligned or crooked teeth, then Invisalign can help in shifting teeth to their desired position and getting them straightened. Though Invisalign has several differences in comparison to the traditional braces, it can help to shift teeth in the same way.

Both sets of orthodontic procedures work by putting some pressure on your teeth, which is the force that shifts teeth into their desired position. In the case of braces, it is wires and metal brackets which apply some pressure on your teeth while it is custom aligners for Invisalign.

Invisalign aligners need to be changed once in every 1to 2 weeks, the pressure will act on your teeth to form tiny movements with each new set of aligners. During the duration of Invisalign that ranges somewhere range from a few months to some years, the tiny movements will help to attain your perfect smile.

Though Invisalign can help in moving teeth, the bone will be holding them in the proper place or else they may fall out. The pressure applied by this method on your teeth will also extract some pressure on the bone structure thus, allowing teeth to shift in a straighter position. So, it is essential to have steady movements while shifting teeth quickly as the bone may not have sufficient time to remodel around the teeth.

Everything that goes with the Invisalign method for shifting teeth

Firstly, the provider will fit aligners in your teeth properly so that they move to their desired position. It is vital to know that these customized aligners fit properly for attaining the predictable movements so that the treatment works efficiently.

When the Invisalign provider starts with the treatment, he will capture a digital scan of your teeth that forms a model of your teeth. Through this model, Invisalign can structure the treatment process of individuals and develop an entire case for the aligners. Each aligner provides predictable movements that shift teeth closer to achieve the perfect smile at each step.

Importance of time for shifting teeth with Invisalign method

The set of invisible aligners will shift teeth gently for achieving the perfect smile. When putting some pressure or force, the first factor is moving teeth and the other is time.

Invisalign braces require sufficient hours which are usually 20 to 22 hours daily to work properly. Unless you wear it as per the specified time, your aligners won’t provide the needed force to get teeth into the correct position. The treatment will progress and the results can be compromised when the wear time of your aligner seems to be insufficient. Thus, patient compliance will be vital for attaining ideal results through the Invisalign method. You will be able to achieve your desired smile by wearing aligners, as suggested by your provider.

Visit your orthodontist from time to time

It is necessary to go for routine visits with your orthodontist every 6 to 8 weeks. This is a vital part of performing the Invisalign method successfully. During the check-up, your dental condition will be assessed carefully and how the braces have fitted will be checked. This will enable us to know whether any changes need to be made for getting the most desired results within the specified time.

Thus, you need to perform best Invisalign treatment for correcting teeth problems and improving your appearance. This will help to boost your confidence level and restore your gorgeous smile.

Nicki Jenns

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