Jupiter Transit 2021 Predictions For Libra Moon Sign

Planets have an important place in astrology, and according to Vedic astrology, these planets influence a person’s life. Many transits happen, and every transit impacts the zodiac sign differently. This transit is about Jupiter and its effects on all 12 zodiac signs.

Jupiter is known as the most auspicious planet, which is significantly more prominent in size and benevolent. It guides an individual and infuses them with knowledge, good fortune, prosperity, and guidance.

Here we bring you the results of Jupiter transit 2021 in Libra. Remember that your birth chart always determines the specific results. So for an exact prediction of this transit, make sure you consult a professional astrologer.

About the Transition

Jupiter will reside in Capricorn, which means it will transit into Aquarius. This transition will happen on Sunday, 21st November 2021, at 02.06 PM (IST). This transit is going to be a positive one for innovation, technology, and research. It will make people expand their circle and bring them gains.

Let’s see what will be the effects of this transit on Libra in general.

Jupiter in the 5th House or Purva Punya Sthana

Aquarius will reside in Libra’s 5th House, which is also called Purva Punya Sthana. This is the House that makes a person perform good deeds. Hence the House will affect the native’s love relationships as they can take a turn and become more profound; a Libra native can marry their person.

Jupiter will cast its 5th aspect on the House of Fortune, the 7th aspect on the House of Profits and Gains, and the 9th aspect on the Libra sign itself. This transit will make Libra people improve in their profession and have significant gains from trades and stocks.


This is a joyous time for love matters as they will seek themselves turning into marriages. Those who want to get married and settle down will be able to do so; this is an ideal time to find a suitable life partner. There will be a decent equation between you and your spouse; some might also go on a trip, and your mood will be cheerful.


Family life too will experience harmony and many happy moments. There will be laughter and joy all around in all your relationships. Your bind with elder siblings will improve and become very cordial; they will support each of your goals and effort. If you are a parent, your bonding with your children will improve, and it will remain sweet. You will lead a happy and cheerful life with your people.


Your health will be fine, and the Jupiter transit 2021 will keep it maintained. However, you should make an effort for your physical and mental well-being instead of relying on your stars entirely. You should indulge in regular exercise in your routine and improve your food habits. Ensure that you only eat nutritious food; limit junks as much as possible. 

Money flow

There might be some expenses related to the household which would be necessary. However, this period will also boost your income by paving new ways to make money or invite wealth. If you are good in stocks and trading, the period is favorable and would bring significant gains.

Work and Business

Those who are working might face some extra responsibilities; however, they would still be performing well. After all the extra work given by your boss, you will deliver to their satisfaction. This will also make you more confident and satisfied from the inside. Plus, the responsibilities would also teach you to handle the burden efficiently.

Businessmen would make more gains and add up more customers to their database. Those who are in a joint venture are more likely to outperform and make handsome gains.


The Jupiter transit 2021 would bring positivity to students and let them perform well in academics. Those who are pursuing higher studies or are in college would have the complete support of their teachers and parents. This will make them confident and supported, which will let them be victorious in academics and life. Research students will also perform well.

Transit Remedies

Donate books to college students

Try to wear yellow clothes on Thursdays

Pradosha worship can offer you many benefits.

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