Know The Process To Peel Off Tiles And Stick The New

Tiles are one of those interior decorating elements which turn it bright and eye-catching. No doubt, stone or mosaic tiles give your home interiors a cozy and luxurious look. But that costs you a bit high when you invest in heavy-weight tiles. The best alternative to heavy-weight tiles is peel-off and sticks tiles. These peel and stick tiles come with an adhesive coating at the back so, these tiles are easy to stick and peel off. Again, if you have laminated walls, here also, you can opt for stick and peel tiles on the simple kitchen and bathroom backsplash areas. But here, you need to make sure that the wall is clean and smooth. Let’s check the process of how you can fix new tiles peeling off the old ones.

  • At first, prepare the floor or wall by taking the baseboards off from the side of the floor, or walls. This process ensures that there is no cut edge of tiles against the walls.
  • If the flooring seems uneven, then you need to remove it. Tiles can only be fixed on a clear and even floor. If you fix, peel and sticker tiles against uneven flooring, these will get bent. If you want to go for DIY, you can do it otherwise, it is a good choice to hire professionals.
  • Once you remove the baseboards, you need to sweep the floor to clean all debris and dirt. For walls, you also need to clean the place properly so that the tiles get fixed properly.
  • Now measure the area of the floor and mark the centre of the wall or floor.
  • Now peel the protective backing from one tile first and place it at the centre. Keep in mind that you need to remove the back sticker of the tiles once you are ready to fix them on the floor or walls. Otherwise, if you place it wrong, you will face problems peeling it off immediately.
  • Normally, you will find a small space for the last tile in a row or column. So, whether it is flooring or placing tiles on the bathroom or kitchen walls, you need to cut the tiles with a sharp, edgy knife smoothly.
  • Now repeat the same process for the rest of the quadrants. Here, you need to check that you complete one section first and then move on to the next section.
  • Now use a small roller and roll it over the tiles slowly and gently to fix them properly on the floor and walls.
  • Now you need to use grout on the joints of the tiles so that it can cover up tiny spaces between the tiles.

So, above are the steps to follow before peeling off and fixing pile and stick tiles on walls and floors. You need to stay careful about the source of tiles. Check the reputation of the manufacturers and their experience in the industry before you buy tiles. Professional installation is always recommended. But, if you wish, you can DIY.

Nicki Jenns

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