Marvel Services – How To Choose A 3M Floor Mat For Different Area?

Over 80% of dirt is introduced into buildings through shoes. An entrance mat is more than a decorative element; an entrance mat is an effective bulwark against exterior dirt.

Location, frequency of use, materials, standards, customization… This article will help you choose the most suitable entrance mat to protect the floors of your premises.

The dimensions of the entrance mats

For adequate protection of the floor, it is recommended to install

With such a length through 3m floor mats, each foot is in contact with the ground at least three times, making it possible to remove the majority of the dirt and absorb the humidity present on the soles of the shoes.

So your floors will need to be cleaned less often. If you do not have such a length in the entrance hall of your premises, you can distribute it over three different zones: the exterior, the interior, and the pedestrian zones.

The location of the mat


In front of a doorstep, at the entrance to the building, or in the carpet pit, install scraping mats, preferably rubber, to have a longer life. These mats will retain the most considerable debris: mud, snow, gravel … up to 40% of the dirt and humidity will be removed from the shoes!


In entrances and halls, prefer rugs that are both scratchy and absorbent. They will trap the minor debris and absorb the remaining moisture under the shoes. These mats remove an additional 30% of dirt and moisture.

In trampling areas

For example, in front of reception counters, water fountains, and coffee machines, opt instead for absorbent reception mats. They will complete the drying process. At this point, most of the dirt and moisture will have been removed from the shoes.

Anti-fouling materials

The rubber mat: Hygienic, insulating, and easy to maintain, it reduces the risk of contamination while providing good thermal insulation. It is perfectly adapted to temperature variations, resistance, and non-slip.

The vinyl fiber mat: these 3m mats for floor are solid and easy to recycle entangled filaments; this model always stays clean on the surface.

The slatted mat: designed to retain coarse dirt; it is resistant to frost and abrasion while ensuring safe passage on wet and slippery floors.

The coconut brush mat: very absorbent; it is composed of natural coconut fibers mounted on a PVC sole. It can be cleaned effortlessly with a vacuum cleaner or an injector/extractor.

Passage traffic on the entrance mat

Just as much as the location, the traffic – the frequency of passage over a given area – is an important criterion when choosing a carpet. Thus, the higher the number of passes on the carpet, the more resistant the carpet must be.

Here’s what to remember when buying an entrance mat:

  • Up to 250 passages/day: opt for a standard traffic conveyor
  • Up to 500 passages/day: opt for a carpet with heavy traffic
  • More than 500 passages/day: opt for a carpet with hefty traffic

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