Marvel Services – With Sun Control Films, Get Plenty Of Benefits!

The latest generation sun control film gives you many advantages on car windows or building glazing. Sun control films stop UV rays and heat, the overflow of light responsible for glare while installing a protective screen (sun control) against prying eyes and break-ins.

If sun control films installed on the windows of a car or a building represent a specific cost in use, the apparent increase in daily comfort makes the difference. And, by opting for pre-cut ( click here ) or pre-thermoformed ( click here ) kits of sun control films for tinted windows, you have plenty of advantages since sun control films stop the UV rays responsible for sunburn and sunburn—degradation of materials, but also heat and dazzling light.

Sun control films add a real boost in comfort in terms of tranquility to all these classic advantages by establishing a barrier against prying eyes. In terms of security, sun control films provide a bulwark against break-ins both in the car and on buildings. Last advantage, and not the least, the 3m sun control film allows making savings daily by limiting energy expenditure for air conditioning and adding a layer of insulation on the glazing to reduce heating costs in winter.

Tinted films, everyday comfort

3M Sun control films guarantee you a real boost in everyday comfort, both on the tinted windows of a car and the windows of a building. In fact, in addition to the UV rays that these films almost completely stop, sun control films also stop the heat and the effects of glare resulting from too much light. Regarding UV rays, more specifically, sun control films act as powerful filters. The passengers in the car are thus protected from the harmful effects of sunburn, which is particularly detrimental to the skin.

Sun control films also block UV rays on building windows. All the space can thus be used comfortably in offices and shops, even those on the facade near the bay windows. The UV stopped, the materials were also protected. The leathers of the seats, mainly the fabrics of the curtains and sofas, the lumber of the inserts on the dashboard, the rubbers, the plastics, no longer have to suffer from the scorching sun, which weakens and discolors them. Because the ultraviolet rays are thwarted, the heat itself is contained.

The magnifying effect that we see on the glazing of buildings is reduced. The comfort is thus total in the middle of summer: when the temperatures become scorching outside, inside, the freshness remains preserved. The other excellent comfort benefit of sun control films is that they eliminate the dazzling effects of the sun indoors. Reverberation is reduced. Visual comfort is greatly improved, especially in offices where we work on screens.

The 3m sun control film is intended for vehicle and building glazing.

A real plus of sun control tranquility

In addition to the anti-UV function, sun control films are also widely acclaimed today by users for their talent as a privacy screen. In the car and at the office or home, in shops, the 3m sun control film allows you to preserve privacy at a lower cost by inserting a protective screen. This screen can be more or less tinted and opaque as needed. On the glazing of a veranda, sun control films can ideally be used in a decorative mode such as white frosted scrambling, for example, or as a mirror effect.

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