Location & Space: Vital factors For Modular Exhibition Stand

The dimensions of space and location of allocated pace play a vital role in designing an outstanding modular exhibition stand. There is no magic to design an attractive booth. It involves a lot of hard work, knowledge, and skills. The size of your booth leaves a significant impact on your potential customers.

Mostly exhibitors get small space for installing their exhibition stand; therefore, designing attractive modular display systems is very important to achieve your objectives. You should design your exhibition stand according to the allocated space and make sure every inch is properly utilized.

Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you to design a modular exhibition stand. These tips will help you to design booths according to space and location allocated on the trade show floor.

  1. Determine Importance Of Booth Size
    As we have already mentioned that allocated space on the trade show is limited, therefore, it not possible to increase the length & width of the booth. But, you can increase the height of your modular exhibition stand. The exhibition stand with increased height with help to beat your competitors during the cut-throat competition in the trade show. Also, you should ensure that every inch of booth space is efficiently utilized. You can install modular glass display units to make your exhibition stand organized and attractive.
  2. Design Booth As Per Allocated Space
    Your modular exhibition stand design should be according to the space dimension. While designing your booth, it is important to ensure that your booth can accommodate all important elements. Make sure that your exhibition stand does not look overcrowded. You can also take the help of experienced exhibition stand designers. The professional booth designers have knowledge, skills and years of experience, therefore, they can help in designing and constructing an appropriate exhibition stand. If you choose to DIY, then make sure to collect the required knowledge in advance to avoid costly mistakes. Long aisles and inconvenient elements inside the trade booth will disappoint your potential customers. The small size exhibition stand can achieve the objectives if it is designed properly. Investing a huge amount of money on your exhibition stand is not necessary. A wise plan and organized modular system design can help you to get high profit.
  3. Book Booth Location In Advance
    There is one more important aspect to consider while participating in an exhibition or trade show i.e. Location. However, the location has no significant impact on your potential customers. But, if you choose the right location, then it will help you to get a high return on investment. You should visit the venue in advance and pick the right location for the exhibition to ensure success. While choosing the right location on the trade show floor, you should consider columns, fire extinguishers, strobe lights, etc.
  4. Adhere Safety Guidelines
    You should follow the safety guidelines according to the selected location. It is recommended that you should never choose the location near to the entrance and exit point. These points in the trade show floor are always crowded and there is a huge probability that your potential customers miss your trade booth. In addition to this, you should not choose a location near to doors and beside the food court.
  5. Implement Triangle Technique
    You should implement the triangle method to choose an appropriate location for modular display units. Always keep in mind that right will help you to take your business to the next level. You should draw the triangle on the floor. Keep apex of angle toward the main entrance point and direct the legs of the triangle to the right and left corners. The locations that do not fall inside the triangle are known as dead zones. You should never choose these locations. You should choose only those areas that fall inside the triangle. If you choose the right location, then it will help you to increase the volume of traffic.
  6. Attendees Move To Right Side
    You should choose the location of the booth to the right side because the trade show attendees tend to move to the right side first. They will prefer to visit the booths that are located on their right-hand side.
  7. Stay Away from Competitors
    You should ask the event organizer to show the list of business owners who have already selected the booth space. When you will get this list in your hand, then you will have a clear idea of where your competitors are. It is recommended to choose the location away from the competitors and get more customers for your products/services. Picking up the right locations and designing an exhibition stand according to the allocated space is not an easy task. Therefore, it is important to collect the required knowledge to ensure success.

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