Most Shocking SEO Facts You Never Knew About

SEO may seem to be a straightforward process. But, in reality, it is not so! There are many SEO facts and statistics that will help you grow your business. These facts are necessary to give an edge to your SEO and rise above your competitors. 

The game of search engines and SEO keep on evolving and become better to assist users. So, it becomes crucial to sideline SEO myths while illustrating optimization-related facts and figures. These facts will blow your mind with awe. Here is the list of most shocking facts for you to boost your SEO.

# Three-fourth of SEO is off-page 

Most marketers focus on developing on-page content. They think that beautifying their web page. And adding relevant meta descriptions, headings, tags, internal links, and external links will improve their rankings. But, it is just 25% of the picture. 

75% of the SEO happens from outside the website. The thing that matters is how others are voting and putting citations of your website. Are you getting links from social media, local listings, GMB, resource websites, and other niche websites? 

So, SEO strategists must divide their efforts accordingly. Off-page SEO will build your reputation and increase your credibility for search engines and in the online market. Also, you can contact SEO services company India if you want to boost your off-page optimization and enhance your on-page content.

# Out of the top ten websites, only two are content-based 

SEO is something that relies entirely on content. It is a famous quote that content is king. No doubt, it rules the internet. Google works on search algorithm advertisement, Facebook focuses on social networking, and Twitter delivers trending content. So, their primary focus is something else. 

YouTube and Wikipedia are content websites having a fundamental orientation on content. YouTube delivers video content, and Wikipedia provides information.

# Same brand can have competition between keywords

There is a lot of buzz about competition in the keywords amongst similar products or services. Another possibility is ruling the first page of SERPs. For this, you can target keywords related to your brand. Accordingly, you can build backlinks for corresponding keywords.

The above approach helps in some keywords on #1 spot while second on the #2 spot. Customers like the same brand on search results. Indeed, it increases the influence of your brand. And they’ll likely be your target prospects.

# Duplicate content is not responsible for Google penalty 

Marketers consider that duplicate content will invite a Google penalty. There is a significant difference between duplicate content and copied content. For duplicate content, we can use canonical tags.

Duplicate content is sometimes required for providing brand-related content on local web pages. Say you have a local business in one area and the same industry at five different places. You’ll write similar content with variability of local keywords with regional landmarks.

Copied content can raise copyright issues and plagiarism problems. Duplicate content is not a hindrance. Additionally, Google doesn’t mention it anywhere in Google webmaster Guidelines.

# 10% of the websites get the Traffic lion’s share

There are millions of websites on the internet. Do all of them come on the first pages of search results? No! Google refers to only 10% of the websites. Why is there a big difference? 

  • The website owners don’t have proper planning for optimizing their website.
  • Businesses provide crap content or old data.
  • Website quality is not up to industry standards.
  • Web pages have less loading speed and give a bad user experience.

So, this is your choice where you want to lie. Streamlining your efforts and focusing on your strategies will help you catch the top-notch spot.

# Google updates its algorithm 500-600 times a year

Google is the search engine with billions of searches every month. People who follow the ranking techniques and try to mislead crawlers. They can get results for a short period. But, Google is smart enough to sniff all the negative intentions. And Google developers walk many steps ahead.

One thing that will help is fantastic and quality content. You need to keep your website updated as per the latest proceeding in your niche. It will help you remain evergreen and much ahead of your competitors.

# Google searches account for 46% of local searches

Voice SEO has revolutionized the way users perform searches. People perform local searches and search for the terms like “near me” and “best services around them.” Its number is around 46% of the total searches. So, it is a need of the hour to design your content to address user voice queries. In this way, you can shine in the regional area and expand your reach. 


In brief, SEO facts are eye-opening information to perform optimization properly. The figures mentioned above and information will help you to realign your existing SEO strategy. So, which fact did you find most interesting and impactful for your business?

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