Can Photochromic Sunglasses use Like Computer Glasses?

Do you have any idea about photochromic sunglasses? The lenses become transparent in the indoor light and convert into the darker shade when you come in the outdoor light. They offer great help in decreasing eye strain that is produced due to continuous staring at a computer screen.

You may choose photochromic lenses because they can filter out the blue rays produce by your digital gadget. Blue rays can disturb melatonin that regulate the sleeping cycle of your body and circadian rhythm as well.

Now the question is how photochromic lenses are designed?

Transition lenses are designed with the molecules to find the trace of silver chloride. This is the same chemical compound that is used for developing film. When silver chloride face sunlight, the molecules convert into silver metal. These metals allow lenses to absorb visible light and turn into the dark shade.

But wileyx Safety glasses with photochromic lenses are designed with copper chloride that allows lenses to convert into their original shade mean non-absorbing states when they don’t expose sunlight. Most advanced photochromic lenses contained organic molecules despite silver chloride and covert lenses into the dark tint.

Difference between photochromic and transition lenses:

Most people consider transition and photochromic lenses the same. But Transition is a brand name of photochromic lenses is like many other brands. Photochromic lenses are called transition lenses, and they create confusion for many people.

Photochromic sunglasses for sale are traditional lenses manufactured with polycarbonate, glass, or plastic. They change their shades from light to dark in the presence of light intensity. Many terms are used to define photochromic lenses containing variable tint, transition lenses, and light-adaptive lenses.

Photochromic lenses generally are found in all sorts of lens material with different shades. Some lenses makers are producing lenses tint that they become dark to darker than transparent to dark shade.

Transition lenses are popular brands of photochromic lenses traded in the USA. Most eyes care professionals use the term of transition lenses for photochromic lenses.

Are photochromic lenses suitable for computer screens?

Photochromic lenses can use for a computer screen for the security of computer vision syndrome. These lenses work like standard sunglasses for outdoor activity because they shield your eyes from dangerous blue energy. So, you use it against the blue wave of the digital screen.

How to choose the best photochromic lenses for you?

Can you make a decision on which Best photochromic sunglasses are suitable for you? While a lot of brands are providing photochromic lenses for eyeglasses? Even they are also available for light adaptive contact lenses. So, how can you choose perfect lenses for your requirements? First of all, start to consider your everyday lifestyle.

If you are more concerned about UV protection while driving, consult with an eye care professional for photochromic lenses. Some lenses become dark behind the windscreen as Transition Drivewear, and some do not.

For outdoor work style, you need photochromic sunglasses with impact frames and durable lenses like polycarbonate lenses. For computer work style, you need to buy photochromic lenses that shouldn’t convert into dark shade.


Consult with your eye care professional to choose the best brands which have the best fade-back time. However, you can consider anti-reflect coating for extra help to filter out blue rays. Besides, ask the eye doctor whether photochromic lenses are an ideal choice for you or not.

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