Pros and Cons of Running on the Treadmill

A treadmill is one of the most popular and on-demand home exercise equipment that provides reliable & less stressful aerobic exercise. In recent days, people who don’t have much time, often buy a treadmill online to start their exercise schedules. For millions of people, a good treadmill like, Afton treadmill is a great choice for daily workouts.

However, many users prefer outdoor exercising as they believe walking on a treadmill can not really seem fruitful to them. Are you one of them who decide to start daily aerobic exercise on a treadmill,  but don’t know its pros and cons? Then check out this article and get every detail of information before you buy a treadmill online

Pros & Cons of Running on Treadmill

 Is running on a treadmill good for your health? Was always a debate topic. However, the truth is, running or walking on a treadmill has some advantages as well as disadvantages. It’s essential to understand every pros and con before you buy a treadmill online


Let’s first check out the advantages you will get if you start running on a treadmill. 

  • Flexible Surface

 If you are running on a treadmill, you will have to put less effort compared to walking on the outdoor surface. The treadmill has a softer surface that will be ideal for people who face difficulties while running. Henceforth, if you are returning from an injury, and again want to start aerobic workouts, buying a treadmill online will be the best option for you. 

  • You can Pre-Program Popular Courses

 With the increase of smart technology, some treadmills, like the Afton treadmill allows you to pre-program some famous courses like Boston Marathon. These popular simulations can really be helpful and prepare you for a specific event. So, if this is your criteria, you can anytime go for a treadmill.

  • Repeatability and Provide Accurate Result

Do you know treadmills often used in sports as the athlete’s before and after results can be taken many times? Also, treadmills provide accurate results. So, if you want to estimate your actual progress, buying a treadmill online will be the best choice for you. 

  •  Convenience

Perhaps the most significant advantages for which people opt for and start buying a treadmill online.  You can run or walk any time on your treadmill. For example, you place the treadmill in your living room and can watch TV as well as walking on the treadmill at the same time. 


Now, understand why many people don’t want to use a treadmill. 

  • No Fresh Air

We spend most of our time inside working or relaxing. Now, if you order a treadmill online and start your daily exercise within your house, you will rarely get fresh air. Many people want a break from their busy life and want to do some daily workouts within nature. For them, a treadmill seems useless. 

  • It’s Boarding

One of the biggest drawbacks of running on a treadmill is that after a certain time, it will feel you bore. Top brands, like Afton treadmill, bring a few changes that can relieve some of the boredom; however, still, it’s nothing as compared to the outdoors.

  • Don’t have Downhill Options

 Most of the treadmills don’t come with a Downhill option, except a few once. Henceforth, if you always run on a treadmill, you will face lots of difficulties while running downhill. 


These are some of the top pros and cons of running on a treadmill. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to run on a treadmill or you prefer outdoor workouts. However, if you decide to buy a treadmill online, you can buy any treadmills, including the Afton treadmill from Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.  With Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card,  you can purchase more than 1 million products from more than 2900 cities across India. That’s It. 

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