How Shopify Store owners can build an engaging website

Do you have a Shopify store and are looking for smart ideas to make it more engaging? Then you are at the right place because this blog is especially for you. In this blog, you will learn some easy tips that will help you enhance the beauty and bring an engaging element to your store.

Customers usually spend more time on the elements that engage them. And the same is the case with the website and e-stores. As you build a more engaging eStore, you have better chances to increase the dwell time of your consumers and eventually enhance the sales. 

In a summarized fashion, we can say, eStore engagement plays a vital role in your sales. In more simple words, the amount of time consumers spend on your Shopify store depends on how engaging the store is. And for that, you need to add some updates to your e-Store. As Shopify stands as the most prominent eCommerce platform, we will be listing some of the smart and effective ways to increase engagement with your Shopify store.

As the internet has found an easy way to reach its users, people now have easy access to it and use it for their benefit. Taping on this strategy, businesses actively maintain and establish their online presence using e-stores and e-commerce websites. And as competition is getting fierce in the market, it becomes important to have an attractive and appealing website. So that you not only attract people but also get an edge over your competitors and increase your market recognition and reputation.

And here are some of the smart and effective ways to do it.

Simplest ways to make your Shopify store engaging and attractive

No one likes to spend time on a dull and flat website, right? This flat website does not offer any engagement or excitement to the visitors and does not enhance the browsing experience. All this eventually reduces the dwell time on the website, and as consumers spend less time on the website, it decreases the chance of getting sales. So, avoid all these pointers. We are presenting some of the tips to make your eStore engaging and attractive.

1. Choose Best Theme For Your Shopify Store

While building an online store, the first step should be opting for the best theme for your store. You can consider your Shopify theme as the backbone for your Shopify store. The atmosphere and vibe of your theme directly affect the look and feel of your store. 

Shopify offers various themes and options to enhance the look of your store and make it pleasing to the eyes of visitors. For example, you can choose the theme that provides you with the facility to display large images. It not only adds liveliness to your website but also makes it engaging and appealing for the users. No one can deny that images and visual-based content help enhance the store’s overall beauty.

2. Embed social media feeds

In the previous point, we mentioned that adding visual-based content to the website can increase the charm and engagement of the website. But many might argue that adding images might hamper the speed of their store, which might hinder the market reputation. And that is a correct argument to some extent. 

Therefore we have an alternative to this strategy that is easy to apply and provides the same result without affecting the website’s speed. And that strategy is to embed social media feeds on the website. So while there are a lot of social media platforms on the horizon, we would suggest you embed Instagram Shopify stores.

Why Instagram? Instagram is a hub for visual-based content. The platform provides ample images and videos that you can add to your store and enhance its charm. Various social media Shopify apps on the store allow you to collect social feeds from various sources and display them on your website. They provide a dedicated Instagram widget that can easily embed Instagram Widget to Shopify, as they stream the images and videos from the source, which does not affect the speed of the website.

3. Add Chatboxes and involve in conversations

Everyone likes to be heard. And as conversations often engage people, you can tap into this and add a chatbox to your Shopify store. Here your consumers can share their opinion or tell you about the issue they are facing. It helps you understand your consumers and improves your market reputation as you appear as a brand that listens to consumers and understands their needs.

Moreover, it humanizes the store’s feel and helps build trust and establish credibility in front of the consumer. It also helps to build a strong customer-brand relationship which eventually helps you to capture a better brand image and at the same time boost the brand reputation in the market.

Over To You…

While establishing an online presence in the market, keep in mind that various other businesses compete. So you must have the edge over them, and for that, you need some smart plan. Making the store engaging is a smart plan, but you need some amazing strategies to implement them successfully. Then, you can adapt to the strategies mentioned above and stand out from the crowd.

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