Shower Enclosure UK – A Perfect Way to Modernize Your Bathroom

Are you worried about your bathroom getting wet again and again because of the shower? It really is a big problem because you have to clean your bathroom after every shower. But in this age of innovation, our life has become way easier. You don’t have to worry if any such thing is bugging you. A shower enclosure UK can be an incredible solution for this problem while offering many other benefits too. Different Shower Enclosure Types are here to make your bathroom look highly functional, classy, and modern. The main advantage of these cubicles is that it keeps your bathroom dry, and you don’t have to wipe the floors after the shower. Isn’t it wonderful?

What is the Shower Enclosure UK?

With the shower enclosure UK, you have an isolated place in your bathroom to enjoy your showers. It is usually material of glass, and you can install it in whatever shape suits your bathroom. In other words, these are a type of glass cubicles that enclosed shower areas. This turns the space into a kind of small room where you can take a highly refreshing shower. 

Main Components of a Shower Enclosure UK

The shower cubicles usually have few essential parts that are combines for concealing the shower. These include

  • The walls of glass panels on two or three
  • A shower tray with waste
  • Shower door of any type

Whenever you buy an enclosure, all of these items will be either buy separately or a part of the package. 

Different Shapes and Shower Enclosure Types

There are different shapes of cubicles, as discussed here. 


If your rest room is small, a square shape cubicle might be top for you. With different glass panels you can fit in any corner of your bathroom easily. It is equal from all sides, which gives you a wide place to shower.


This kind of shower cubicle is best for washrooms that have irregular shape. You can easily fit these enclosures in any part of your bathroom. These shower enclosures have long front walls and shorter sidewalls.

  • Quadrant 

This has the shape of a pie and is small in comparasion to other cubicles. It has a corner that fits in the corner of your bathroom and saves you plenty of space. Its unique shape makes your bathroom look modern and elegant.

  • Half-Circle/Offset Quadrant

The name itself talks about this shower enclosure. It is shaped like a half-circle and is best for your small bathroom. It’s one side straight while the other two are curved. The fittings by plumber of this cubicle is a little complicated than others. It is also expensive compared to other types. 

Other than these, there are other kinds of shower cubicles distinguishable on the basis of their doors like hinged and Pivot, sliding or foldable, etc. 

Choosing One of Shower Enclosure Types

With all above discussed shapes available in the market, it is difficult to decide what shape can be the best fit for my bathroom. 

Here are few tips for choosing one of the shower enclosures types. 

  • Firstly, think about the size of the cubicle. To decide about it, you should know whether you have a small or bigger bathroom. If you have a bigger one, then you fit any shape into it. While for smaller ones, get some space-saving solutions. So, you would not like something that is too big or a door that needs clearance space while opening. For example, a pivot door that opens outwards into the bathroom while requiring clearance space. 
  •  Another thing that you will need is to see where you want to install an enclosure. If it is just a replacement, then you already have the plumbing available for it. Otherwise, you will have to call a plumber to have pipe fittings ready for this installation. However, you should remember that hiring a plumber and new fittings will increase the overall costs. 
  • After you know the size and the place of installation, you can proceed with the choice of the enclosure shape. You can read about different choices of shapes in the previous section. Depending on the place of installation and size, you can make a better decision about the shape of the cubicle. For example, if space is limited and you have a corner to fix the enclosure, then a quadrant shape can be suitable for your washroom. 


Looking for Shower Enclosure UK?


In the previous sections, we have a detailed discussion about shower enclosures in the UK. Are you looking for any shower enclosure types? At Royal Bathrooms, we offer everything that you need for a bathroom makeover. You can visit our website to find the required products and place an order. COVID-19 vaccination is the only effective prevention against coronavirus. Get yourself vaccinated and protect everyone around. 

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