Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

The most difficult thing is to achieve top ranking for your site’s key words… But is this really the case This article is to provide simple, efficient and most importantly SEO-friendly strategies to increase the rankings of your site and, in turn increase the quantity of traffic that you receive. Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

1. Let’s start with Meta Tags.

I’m sure you’ve had pleasure of learning about, and probably you’re using meta tags on your site. This is fantastic. I’d like you to be sure that you’re using the tags correctly. We’ll only discuss two tags which are”title” “title” tag and as”description” tag “description” tag. We won’t cover”keywords” tag “keywords” “keywords” tag “keywords” tag because every major engine has put less and less importance on this tag. Some might even argue that the tag doesn’t have any significance whatsoever. I still use this tag, however I think it has some merit and no drawbacks in using the tag.Simple SEO is a simple search engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

It has proven to be efficient to use the same words within”description” as well as “title” “title” inside”separate “title” as well as the “description” tags. It is also a good idea to place your keywords prominently within tag (near the beginning and more than once). I’ve come across websites that have ””, “New Page 1” and “Welcome to my site” in the “title” tag that don’t help in the search engine’s ability to rank higher for the specific keywords they are targeting. Be careful not to include words such as “and”, “or” or “the” in these tags. SEO Company in Lucknow

Important note about the keywords you use. Search engines take into account the importance of keywords as well as their weight and amount of keywords used in determining the rank of the website.

2. Put the hyperlinks for navigation (and JavaScript)

to the left or in the lower end however, it is not or on the left-hand side of your website. When Google search engine “read” your site, they go through the website starting with the left side of the first page to the the bottom. Search engines place a great deal of emphasis on the first 100 characters or content on the website.Simple search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

The aim is to avoid allowing the keywords to become navigational hyperlinks as well as Javascript. Ideally you should use heading tags with your keywords at the top of your web page. That being stated the placement of the JavaScript or links near the top or bottom of your page will make certain that the spiders of search engines can access the page first, which will give more weight to the content of your website.

3. add alt tags to your images.

The spiders of search engines are not able to “read” photos or images. The only method of determining the content of the image is by reading an alt-tag. This allows you to include more keywords in the HTML of your site to increase the weight and density of your keywords on your site. Alt tags can be easy to make and can play a significant role in the ranking of search engines of your site. A simple alt tag would look like the following: alt=”put your keyword phrase here. ” Search engines evaluate the density, prominence and weight of alt tags. This is why you should make sure your alt tags are properly optimized.

4. Include your keywords at the bottom of your web page

Since search engines put greater emphasis on the initial phrases that appear on your site They apply the same principles for the words that end the page. The general notion is that if your website is focused on something specific, the main idea or key words should be located on the front of your page, and scattered across the page, and prominent at the bottom.

But, if you use the bulk of navigational links on your website and JavaScript on the lower section of the page, then the content of your website may not be complete before that HTML has finished.

An easy way to make your keywords appear at the top of your website is to include the keywords in your copyright information. For instance when you run the website that sells dog food it could look similar to this at the top of your webpage: Simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

The search engines haven’t (as as of the moment at the time of this writing) penalizing websites with this method since it wouldn’t be wise for them to do so.

5. Anchor text for hyperlinks

Anchor text is what’s the actual linking text on a web page. It is the text that users click to access the website or page. When a internet search finds many websites which contain the words “dog foods” and it concludes your site is focusing on “dog food”. It is a common error to make, however it seems to be a major effect on the rank of search engines for a particular keyword.

The anchor text you choose for your site should contain the keyword or phrase you wish to be ranked on Google for. Be sure not to use anchor text like “Click Here” or ””

If you’re conducting an exchange link promotion, make sure that you have different formats of the information. If the engine determines that each link on your website is identical and is not able to give more weight to the hyperlinks, or even impose an infringement to your website. This is because search engines generally give greater importance for “naturally occurring” links , and less weight to “reciprocal exchanges of links”. The use of different however relevant anchor text can dramatically impact your targeted search engine rankings, since it can make your hyperlinks appear more natural.

The effectiveness of SEO isn’t easy at first however, once you’ve learned about simple techniques that require no or little technical expertise, they could have a huge impact on the ranking of your site’s keywords.

The Free Search Engine Optimizing and Tools for Writing

The traffic. Everyone wants free traffic, but is there a better method to get it than optimizing your site?
There are a few simple ways to improve the performance of your site. If you want to get more profit from your website, then these strategies and make the use of this tools to make your website spider-friendly to search engines.

Below are some of the most helpful websites I’ve discovered to optimize my sites.

1. Go to your website.

Before you begin making changes to your site it is essential to make sure that the website is included on Google and isn’t blocked in any way by Google.

It’s true that you need to optimize your website to make it more suitable specifically for Google which is the most popular search engine on the planet.

There is no reason to optimize your site if Google won’t accept it.

This tool can assist you in checking your website.

Google Banned –

2. Toolkits

If you are able to locate the tools you require in an array, it will make a difference in time and also frustration as you’ll be aware of what you need to accomplish to help make the site more effective.

It is essential to look at the various aspects of your site including metatag information along with page rank, and links. Nothing can dissuade potential customers faster than broken or damaged hyperlinks.

This website is more than only a platform to locate an online forum to optimize your site for search engines. It also offers an extensive set of tools that can help you increase the efficiency of your site.

SEO Chat SEO Chat tools

Both websites offer SEO-related tools. It’s all about choosing and the tools you’ll require to optimize your site.

Join the Add Me list
Evrsoft –

3. SEO Software

It can also be used with software to aid in optimizing your site. What software will do in the best way is assist you in enhancing your website to make it more effective for the search terms you wish to target. It’s inefficient to make your website more effective when you’re not optimizing your site for the right keywords.


4. ROR Creator/Robots Text Generator

ROR is similar to it’s counterpart to the robots.txt files in that the latter gives information about your site. The distinction is that the ROR file is written in XML format.

I would also suggest you create an robots.txt file, because this will tell search engines to not browse on your website. If you have a member section that sells products it is not advisable for search engines to browse your site to download downloads.

ROR Generator – rorgenerator.php

Robots Text Generator – http://www. m/robots-text-creator/simple- robots-creator.php

5. Site Map

When you make an online map, you will be able create an inventory of the pages on your website. If search engines visit your site they will be capable of finding every webpage. This will help you rank.


6. XML Site Generator

Google has given webmasters the option of submitting the XML map of their website.

A XML Sitemap acts as an index to the search engines that visit your site. It’s not designed specifically for users nevertheless. It’s written for search engines so that they are able to find every page of your website.

Even if you’ve got the sitemap in place to help users navigate , I would still suggest using this XML websitemap. This can help speed the process of getting your site indexed to Google. This is a simple and quick method of ensuring that your website is listed.

The process of creating a sitemap is easy. Use the generator below. After you’ve completed your sitemap, you can send your sitemap the following file to Google.

XML Maps of the Site Maps – index.php

Send your sitemap to Google Submit your sitemap to Google webmasters/sitemaps/login

7. Linking

It’s targeted , and you’re linked to by a different website. When you are deciding on your linking strategy, it’s crucial to examine your standing. Find out who you’re most linked to.

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