Steps To Go Through While Buying Online Bike Insurance

Indian roads come with many challenges like traffic congestion and poor road conditions. This causes inconvenience in daily commutation. However, two-wheelers offer ease of usage, hassle-free parking, and manoeuvrability to make things easier. Hence, they remain the most sought-after vehicle choice. Despite these qualities, they are not immune to accidents.

The Motor Insurance Act mandates buying General Insurance for a bike to ply on Indian roads. This is to protect you and others against the risk caused by human-made and natural disasters. However, think beyond compulsion while buying the policy. Any confusion leads to a wrong choice. The best method to prevent this is to understand the buying process better. Learn about it by going through the following steps:

Identity needs

Besides the mandate, getting your vehicle insured offers various benefits. Hence, think about your needs to find the right policy for you. Otherwise, you end up with an unfit plan that backfires during claim settlement. Think about the usage of the motorbike and its maintenance. This helps you decide the appropriate coverage for it. Selecting based on your needs also helps save on premium costs.

Research and compare

Whenever you go shopping, you look through the multiple options before making a selection. The same goes while buying Two-Wheeler Insurance. Study the offers available in the market before settling on a plan. For this, analyse the company reputation, customer testimonials, coverage offered, etc. Only after thoroughly understanding these should you proceed with buying online Bike Insurance.

Select type

Besides considering the insurer, find suitable coverage. It comes down to opting for the right policy type. Choose from two types of Motor Insurance: Comprehensive Plan and Third-Party Liability Policy. The former offers protection against damage to your vehicle and the Third-Party, while the latter is a Liability Plan. They have different premium costs owing to the distinctive coverage provided.

Set Insured Declared Value

Once you decide on the coverage type, set the IDV. This is the maximum amount the insurer disburses during claim settlement. It gets decided based on the current value of your motorcycle. As vehicles go through depreciation, the IDV decreases with time. The margin you select affects the replacement or repair compensation you receive. Hence, take your time to make an informed decision.


After considering the above factors, buy online Bike Insurance. For this, fill a form with personal and vehicle-related details. The documents required include your identity proof, vehicle registration certificate, driving license, etc. A minor mistake while submitting them affects the claim settlement process. Therefore, submit the information carefully. Also, go through the policy papers before finalising.

Pay premium

It is the last stage in buying the policy online. Once you initiate the payment, your policy papers are sent to your email inbox. Download and take a printout of the same to carry with you while driving.

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