Sublimation Printing T-Shirts: The Versatile Way To Express Your Fashion Sense

Do you always want to stand out in the crowd and do you ever consider yourself a fashion avant-garde? Do you want to wear outfits which are something that cannot be bought easily from a store and which are true of its kind?

Putting together a truly unique outfit will not be difficult for you as you can easily sew your own clothes if you have some skill with a sewing machine or even with just a needle and a thread. And sublimation printing t-shirts are one of its kind.

Working on almost any printing medium and which is popularly used in printing fabrics dye-sublimation printing or custom sublimation printing is a printing process.

It is especially great in printing complicated patterns with different colors as this printing method works on most fabrics. Colors are printed layer by layer to produce sharp details in dye sublimation printing.

Using these wide formats of printers which do dye-sublimation printing what are the fashion items and accessories which you can create?

The following are a few ideas which you can derive are sublimation printing t-shirts and others:

1.Scarves: When it is windy or cold, scarves are not just protection for your head and throat. Adding drama and flair to an otherwise plain outfit, they are pieces of fabrics.

When it is windy or cold, scarves are not just protection for your head and throat. Adding drama and flair to an otherwise plain outfit, they are pieces of fabrics.

Whether it is a power suit or a simple outfit made up of jeans and a t-shirt, you can wear scarves with just about anything. You can even print your own scarves. You can create your own patterns if you are handy with graphics software.

You can just download patterns which you want from the internet as you can wear scarves with just about anything. Then to print the pattern on your scarf you can use wide-format printers.

2. Jeans: It is a person who jazzes up their denim jeans. By embroidering them or sewing in sequins or rhinestones some people even like to glam up their jeans.

There are people even who like to tear their jeans up. While others like painting on them. You can print on your jeans by feeding it to a wide-format printer instead of all these.

3. T-shirts: T-shirts with various messages and graphics which are printed on them, there are many stores which specialize in selling novelty t-shirts.

These messages are sometimes funny and sometimes outrageous while these messages can be sometimes insulting. You can easily do this with a wide-format printer as many of these t-shirts are printed using silkscreen printing.

Just come up with an image which you want and have the printer render it on your shirt once again. To express your fashion sense there are many ways by which you can use wide-format printers.

With the fabrics, dye-sublimation works perfectly and this is the reason why most of the sublimation printing companies have grown over the years providing the best of printing services.

You can even make a business out of this and earn some money while creating your own designs if you are savvy enough.

Dye sublimation fabric best quality printing

For printing on fabric, there are three production methods. Dye sublimation, direct inkjet printing, and screen printing. The facts such as application, usability, size, quantity, colors which are used, budget and others should determine what is the best method for the specific product.

For smaller quantities and indoor applications ink jet direct to fabric is an option.

While printing on the larger runs which can be economical if art is 1, 2, or 3 colors, screen printing or litho should be looked into. There will be a noticeable screen dot in the reproduction if the art is a photo image.

For beauty fashion, this is usually not a great option but it might be acceptable for the other industries or promotions. One of the most durable ones is the all over dye sublimation t-shirt printing and it also offers the best quality of image reproduction.

The wide range of fabrics which are available to print is the other great advantage. It creates a great look while printing on sheer fabrics. 10’ is the maximum width for dye-sub printing.

The technique and skill have a major input in quality as quality can vary among different suppliers. In producing great fabric printed fabrics, there is truly an art and skill involved.

Dye-sub printing on paper and then transferring heat onto the fabric is what this technique is for those who are not familiar. The speed of the printing and transferring and the degree of heat which is used in the transfer are the tricks of the trade.

As opposed to sitting on top of the fabric as in inkjet or screening as the inks are fused into the fabric. A softer touch is assured through this.

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