The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal | Eight Things You Need to Know

Smooth, even skin, devoid of imperfections, is an absolute value that does not depend on the requirements of the time and fashion trends. The same cannot be said about the ways to achieve such an effect. We want to talk about perhaps the most modern and effective method of hair removal – laser hair removal.

In this article we have listed eight important aspects of laser hair removal you need to know before taking the treatment. 

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What Are the Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair?

Among the most popular methods are sugaring (sugar hair removal), wax hair removal, electro and photo hair removal, laser hair removal.

  • Waxing and sugaring are mechanical hair removal. The hair follicles are not affected in any way, so the procedure must be repeated constantly, about once every 2-3 weeks.
  • During electrolysis, a small electrical discharge is applied to the hair root. The method is painful and very slow, because each hair must be processed separately.
  • Photo epilation causes follicular death under the influence of light waves. Lack of technology: not all hair follicles are destroyed, it is quite difficult to get perfectly smooth skin.
  • Unlike other methods, laser hair removal removes hair quickly, comfortably and practically forever.

How Does Work?

The pigment melanin, which is contained in the hair follicle, attracts and stores the light energy of the laser. It is converted into heat energy: the follicle heats up and breaks down. Everything, in this place the hair will no longer grow.

Modern laser systems use the principle of selective photothermolysis. They have selected such a wavelength of light so that the laser affects only the hair follicles and does not damage the surrounding tissues – skin, blood vessels, lymph nodes.

Laser Hair Removal: Contraindications

Should I do laser hair removal a week after my vacation at sea? And if there are a number of diseases? Even though at least a diode laser can be used on any skin type, there are still some contraindications. It includes

  • Skin diseases and skin damage
  • Diabetes
  • Infectious diseases
  • Pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding
  • Birthmarks with hair or tattoos in the epilation area
  • Oncological diseases
  • Herpes

How Many Procedures Will It Take to Get Rid of Hair Completely?

Laser hair removal is a procedure that is carried out by a course until the desired result is obtained, namely, the complete cessation of the growth of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal saves the total time women spend on hair removal by other methods. As a rule, the course is 4 to 6 procedures. 

After the first procedure made with the Light Sheer DUET laser, from 15 to 30% of all hair follicles will disappear forever.

What Are the Advantages of a Laser Over Other Methods?

Among the advantages of hair removal with a modern diode laser with vacuum amplification technology, the following key features can be distinguished: the painlessness of the procedure, the speed of its implementation, the highest efficiency and, of course, safety, confirmed by many years of research. And, of course, laser hair removal has a lasting effect.

Is It Possible to Do Laser Hair Removal in The Summer?

Many people wonder whether it is dangerous to carry out laser hair removal when the bright sun is shining outside. It depends on the machine used in the hair removal salon. Most lasers are really not UV compatible and there is a risk of burns and hyperpigmentation. 

In addition, they, including the popular Alexandrite laser, are not able to work on tanned skin and blonde hair. The only device that can be safely used at any time of the year and on the skin of any prototype is the Light Sheer Duet diode laser, which works less aggressively than most lasers. 

Due to its precise action on target cells and melanin located in hair and skin, this type of laser is not capable of causing burns and pigmentation.

Preparing for The Procedure

In most cases no special actions are required before the laser hair removal procedure, however, in order to achieve the maximum effect, we recommend following these simple rules:

  • Refuse to visit the beach or solarium 2 weeks before the procedure
  • 2-4 weeks before the start of the laser hair removal course, you should stop pulling out the hair in any way (wax, sugaring, tweezers, mechanical epilator, etc.)
  • In 1 day or on the day of visiting the salon, shave your hair with a regular machine – the procedure is carried out exclusively on smooth skin
  • Immediately before the procedure, cleanse the skin on the areas of the body where epilation will be done – no need to use deodorant, foundation, etc.

After the procedure of epilation with a diode laser, a woman’s skin needs a recovery period, so please:

  • Refrain from deep peeling of the face, if the procedure was on it, of course
  • Do not use hair removal procedures associated with root hair removal (wax, tweezers, sugaring or mechanical epilator)
  • Avoid sunbathing or tanning for 2 weeks

What Will Happen After the Procedure?

The effectiveness of laser hair removal has been proven by many years of practice. The most modern and safe laser for this procedure is the diode laser that we use.

After the first session of hair removal, at least 20% of hair follicles on the treated area of ​​the body are destroyed. With further procedures, the result is preserved, and each new time at least 15-20% of the hair follicles are destroyed.

The epilation procedure is repeated until the complete cessation of hair growth. The number of procedures required and the intervals between them depend on the patient’s hair structure.

The achieved result persists for a long time, but nevertheless the hair follicles tend to regenerate, the period usually varies from 1 to 8 years – this is exactly the period for which you can forget the word “hair removal”. The recovery period of the follicles depends solely on the individual characteristics of the person (hormonal background in the first place).

Hope this article helps you if you are planning to get laser hair removal treatment to flaunt a hair free body on the beach! 

Nicki Jenns

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