The Complete Guide To A Nail Care Routine

Nail care should be an ongoing part of your routine, especially since you put so much time and effort into your nails. Once they’re done, let them breathe to keep them healthy. Dry your hands after a bath or shower and make sure to regularly soak them with lukewarm water for 10 minutes so that dead skin cells fall off naturally. This is best done at least twice a week!

Always remember to keep a healthy and beautiful nail care routine. It’s vital for the health of your nails and can also help you achieve healthier, stronger nails in the long run. Time for a little pampering! Nail care does not have to be a drag. Here are some simple steps you can add to your routine that will keep your nails healthy, strong and smooth all year round.

Signs that show you have unhealthy nails

  • Weak and brittle nails
  • Horizontal ridges and grooves on nail plates
  • White spots on the nails
  • Discolouration: white, yellow, green, brown
  • Swollen skin around the nails

Have you ever noticed how people always admire how beautiful and perfect your nails look? It’s not just a saying; a well manicured nail is an attractive feature, especially to people who don’t have the time or expertise to take care of them properly. What many do not know is that there is much more to healthy nails than just the colour or the shape. 

Nails can be quite the indicator of our general health and nutritional status. When we are healthy, our nails are strong and healthy too, but when we are harmed physically in some way, so are our nails as our bodies look for ways to protect themselves from further harm and damage.

Nail care routine for the healthiest nails

1. Apply cuticle oil

One of the most important components of your nail care routine is using cuticle oil. Along with warm water, a nail brush and soap, this product has a lot to offer your nails and cuticle health. One of the key ingredients in the best cuticle oils is jojoba oil. A liquid wax found in plants of the Simmondsia chinensis species, jojoba oil is often used in cosmetics and skin care products due to its ability to absorb quickly into skin. Why would you want something that absorbs quickly? Because one of the very first things you’ll need to do before applying your best oil for cuticles is wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.

2. File your nails properly

Filing your nails can be scary. The thought of taking a metal file and scraping it across your nail, cutting into the quick and causing yourself a lot of pain doesn’t seem like an enjoyable situation to any of us. If you’re someone who prefers a DIY manicure at home, you must know how to file your nails correctly. 

While it’s not a particularly difficult task, filing your nails incorrectly can actually leave you with weak, severely jagged nails that may be prone to peeling or breaking. Instead of moving the nail-file back and forth across your nail, start from one of the outside edges and work your way toward the center of your nail. Filing your nails often is always a good idea, it’ll help maintain the length and shape of your desire at all times.

3. Use good nail tools

Nail care is extremely important for a lot of reasons. From enhancing your overall look to boosting your confidence to ensuring health and hygiene, it’s a whole process that you can’t afford to ignore. But along with the costs your manicure and pedicure entails, you also need to buy good quality nail care tools. A nail file should be the first purchase on your list if you are serious about getting those toes and fingers into shape.

4. Apply moisturizer

Many people know that it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, but they forget that the skin on our hands also needs daily hydrating. The skin on our hands is far more exposed to stresses and harsh environments than the rest of our body. This means that it is more likely to dry out and get irritated quicker than other parts of our bodies. Massaging your fingernails with petroleum jelly or even vitamin E can be beneficial as well as using moisturizers on a daily basis. Using moisturizers regularly will help decrease cracks, brittleness, and dryness and make your nails look their best!

5. Take a break from nail extensions

Acrylic and gel nail manicure treatments are among the most convenient, fast and long-lasting choices for artificial nails. However, that also means that it can be harmful if used regularly without breaks. If your extensions are used correctly, maintained in a proper manner and removed before the natural nails become weak or brittle, then they are not considered damaging.

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