The Rising Demand Of Sticker Printing In Canada

Over the years, sticker printing like all of the technology has vastly improved. Prints on a variety of types and weights of paper with endless color options not to mention the numerous shapes and sizes of stickers as stickers.

It is no longer limited to the black or white, rectangle, thin paper stickers but prints on a variety of types and weights of paper with endless color options are what you get for sticker printing in Canada.

Screen printing is the oldest and still most common method of printing. To transfer the image to the sticker paper it is a simple process that uses synthetic screens and for a limited quantity of stickers.

Onto the paper, the ink is squeezed through the screen and has a stencil on it. A stencil for one color is cut and pressed onto the paper as the process must be repeated for each color used.

For a second color and which color is pressed into the sticker paper, a stencil is cut. Until all the colors are transferred and the design is complete the process is repeated. This is how custom stickers Vancouver bc are created.

Knowing the features of sticker printing in Canada

Letterpress printing is also done as it is a form of relief printing using a press and movable type. To get a right-sided image a reversed, raised surface is inked and pressed into the sticker paper. For only one color it is usually used on small basic projects.

Flexography allows for printing larger quantities of stickers which are a much quicker process. In commercial printing, it is usually used. As the plate is being rolled over the paper, in flexography a master print is created and then used to print an image on a sticker. For sticker printing, this is a popular process for the sticker store in Vancouver.

The image is transferred from a plate or rubber cylinder to the paper in the offset printing. Several color options are given to the offset printing and the print shows of excellent color.

Into the CMYK format that is, cyan, magenta, yellow and black, this process separates the colors of an original image. For each color, separate files are created and printed with special inks so that the image on the sticker looks exactly the same to that of the original image.

Getting the custom stickers printed

There a multitude of sticker types and styles. The purpose for which the custom stickers are made is what depends on this. Vinyl, paper, window, full color, cut vinyl lettering, cut to shape stickers, removable stickers and metallic stickers is what wide range of stickers available are.

There are also the laminated stickers as well which have glossy shine on them and are weatherproof apart from these. Appearing lesser in cost, there are an economy and budget stickers which are available too.

In the form of thin films placed on the inside of the window pane and which can be read from the outside, the window stickers are such. For informing about the objects on sale or for any special discounts on offer, these are used mainly on the departmental stores and shops.

These stickers are also used in car windows or as window decals apart from these. As per the requirements and needs, sticker printing can be done. Fluorescent stickers are the other varieties of stickers.

They have the quality that these are brighter than the normal one and are very useful during the night. In places where there is lower light and there is the need of directions of informing at a dark place, these are highly useful.

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