The Shade Store Built A Rich Heritage In Luxury Textiles And Interior Design

Making a house a home has everything to do with the décor. That’s something The Shade Store takes very seriously. With only the finest imported fabrics, every drape and roman shade made by the store is handcrafted and dipped in opulence.

The Shade Store falls under the category of fabric importers. They are known to import fabrics from every corner of the world, no matter how obscure. If the fabric is good, The Shade Store picks it up. 

How Does The Shade Store Work?

You must be wondering how The Shade Store is able to reach the far corners of the world to pick up the silkiest fabric. They use trade data companies to help them get in touch with these exporters. 

These companies not only help them find the best value and quality for their price, but they also help them in the careful transporting of these rich fabrics to the US. All fabric importers know that the transportation of fabric has to be done correctly. 

Improper storage during transit and the fabric could get mould. If the container is not shut properly, rats on the ship could get into the fabric and chew it. This is why you need to go to a trade data company so that your purchases are in the hands of trustworthy transporters.

What Does The Shade Store Do To Add Heritage And Luxury To Interior Design?

  1. Attention-Catching Pieces

All good fabric buyers know that the right fabric catches your eye from every angle. This fabric should catch your attention, even from your peripheral vision. While this does not mean you should buy the gaudiest piece of fabric you can see, this means that the patterns and colours should naturally draw your eye to them.

A good interior designer says that everything you own should be a conversational piece, but a great interior designer knows that some pieces are meant to tie the room together. They shine in the background. The Shade Store is famous because it understands this concept and does it well. 

The blinds, shades and drapes made for over 75 years have always been to tie the room together. Whether you are picking a simple white or an elaborate pattern, the drapes have to be picked after the room is done as a finishing touch. The rooms must never be planned around the drapes, no matter how fantastic they may be.

  1. Minimalistic Theme

Unfortunately, unless you are as talented as the Mad Hatter, you will have to stick to a theme. Most people, when decorating their homes, do not start with a theme in mind; this can leave the end result quite dis-coordinated. 

If you can’t decide on a theme, you can always give a different room in the house a different theme so you can live in something as eccentric as you are. A common mistake most people make before setting out is not deciding on a theme. 

Then the furniture and other stuff, no matter how individually cool they may look, might make the room look in disarray when put together.

There are many themes you can choose such as modern, traditional, colour based, metallic and of course, there’s rich and traditional. A look that the fabric buyers at The Shade Store have perfected.

  1. Traditional Textures

The Shade Store is known for its traditional textures, and they can be the difference between a luxurious living space or just a cheap one. If you have decided on the modern aesthetic, traditional patterned drapes from The Shade Store is exactly what you need to give the warm vibe from your home.

This is perfect because it is not overpowering and is just on the brink, but this is often precisely what you need to tie your house into a home. If you want a warm, colourful home, The Shade Store also has designs for you. Whether it’s complementary colours or patterns, the store has you covered whatever you may decide, and you can be sure that you will only receive the finest quality of fabric or artistry.

  1. Wow Factor

Every house needs a wow factor, one element of the room to scream quality and class. The Shade Store offers you three options: shades, drapes or blinds. The opulence and exclusivity this choice will add to the room have no parallel. If you get to choose only one thing to sparkle, why not choose the imported fabrics and hand-stitched upholstery.

Why Should You Choose The Shade Store?

When you pick The Shade Store, you don’t just choose the tradition and rich heritage it will bring to your house. You also choose the fabrics that they procured with the help of a trade data company like Trademo. You also finally choose the maker of that fabric and the time and tradition that has gone into the fabric.

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