Tips for Traveling to Ontario: What to Do and See

Summer is here and everyone is ready to attend festivals, events and get out of town. If you are thinking of taking a short trip, you have to know that Ontario hides majestic places with incredible views. 

Ontario uses to offers a wide range of places to see with stimulating cities and towns, lovely natural areas, and significant cultural institutions. It’s time to go on off-the-beaten path and explore something outside of the touristy norm. Instead of waiting, plan your trip, book frontier airlines reservations online and save up to 25% off on every flights. Read on to know must-see attractions in Ontario!

Ontario’s top tourist attractions

Niagara Falls

Known as one of the best attractions for family. You might think that if you already saw Niagara Falls once, you’ve already seen it all. The sound of the water as you get closer, the breeze in your face when you turn 50 meters upwards before a true natural wonder and the magnitude of the force of the falls makes you feel it to the marrow of the bones the reality is that all of this is something you will never tire of. And besides, there are a good number of different options to live and experience the falls. Taking a boat cruise to get an up-close and soaked view is the most classic way.

Algonquin Park

Ontario’s first provincial park is overflowing with activities for all tastes and preferences. In the warmer time, you will be able to camp out in the open, backpacking, biking or boating, fishing, picnicking, swimming, canoeing, and wildlife viewing. Then in the winter, add skiing, snowmobiling, and dogsledding. Within the park, there are more than 1,500 lakes and, about 750 miles of streams and rivers. On the shores, you can find more than 1,200 campsites. In other words, there are thousands of reasons to visit.

The EdgeWalk at the CN Tower

The CN Tower – It is one of the best-known landmarks in Canada. But visiting the 1,815-foot-tall building isn’t just about enjoying the view. Those who feel bold can walk on the glass floor, only two and a half inches thick, 113 stories above the street. Those feeling a little more daring can climb another 33 floors to the Skypod lookout for the best views of the city. But the real attraction, which is something out of this world and for the bold and daring is the EdgeWalk. Buckle up your harness, exit the tower, and walk to the edge of the building with nothing but air between you and the ground. This is not suitable for the faint of heart or for those who are afraid of heights.

Parliament Hill

The Hill Parliament – It is not only the seat of the nation’s government; It is also a cultural and community center with activities that take place in a truthfully unbelievable setting. You can, for instance, do yoga on Parliament Hill. During the summer, every single Wednesday at noon, hundred people in yoga clothes flood the hill with their doilies to sit and stretch in front of the quintessential buildings. You might also go to the sound and light show that for 30 minutes projects a lovely and captivating story on the Parliament houses themselves.

Things to do here

Stratford Festival

It is not always easy to schedule your trip according to the exact dates of a particular festival you want to attend. This is no problem when it comes to the Stratford Festival, North America’s leading classical theater festival, which lasts seven months each year. Between April and October, you will be able to witness a multitude of high-quality theater productions, of all genres and for all generations. From Shakespeare to Molière, from tragedy to comedy, from great musicals to monologues, the Stratford festival truly is the best place in the country for you to put on your Sunday best and enjoy a play.

Rafting the Ottawa River

Northwest of the nation’s capital, the Ottawa River rushes through the Canadian Shield (also called the “Labrador Massif”). This navigable river, which was once crossed by First Nations and fur traders, is now the home to rapids adventure. The Ottawa Valley is known as the rapid’s capital of Canada. Pick one of the local rafting companies and, along with experienced guides at the helm, splash and slide down one of the best whitewater routes in the world. The trouble and strength of the river differ, so you don’t prerequisite to be an acknowledgeable rower to enjoy the waters. Just get on the boat and have fun.

Ice skating, a good plan to do in Toronto in winter

Where? On one of the 50 tracks that are mounted in Toronto. The most famous is Nathan Philips Square, which turns its fountains into a skating rink.

Join the passion for hockey in the Hockey Hall of Fame

Although it has been more than 50 years since the Toronto Maple Leafs won the prestigious Stanley Cup, you can see the last one up close in this museum full of relics that will delight every ice hockey lover.


During a guided tour in Ontario. Between relaxation, culture, and adventure, let yourself be enchanted. Don’t think much, pack your bags and book your trip to Canada with Airlines Vacations and try visiting each of the above-listed best places to visit in Ontario, the Beautiful Provinces of Eastern Canada!


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