Tips on how to easily deal with monitoring multiple websites

To be professionals, all webmasters need to understand the basics of website performance monitoring. And the main thing to know about it is that website monitoring itself is a combination of various methods to ensure that a website always is online, loading quickly, and working stable. And it is important to do this in all possible ways to ensure that a website works as intended and users can access it easily and in no time. In the case of monitoring multiple websites everything drastically hardens. It’s just simple maths. The greater the number of websites, the more effort the webmaster will have to put into monitoring them.

Basics of monitoring multiple websites 

If you listen to Murphy’s Law, which is often true for any job, all the websites a webmaster will monitor will be of different orientation, with varying degrees of complexity. Thus, very often the set of different tools required for website monitoring expands so much that it becomes difficult to cope with it. Just imagine that you have at least 3 websites to monitor. And now look at the very basic checklist of website monitoring tasks:

  • HTTP, ICMP, SMTP, SNMP, and TCP/IP protocols accessibility tests. Just to ensure users’ accessibility and basic functionality are fine.
  • Website access speed tests and loading speed checks. To ensure that users access a website quickly.
  • Database integrity checks. That’s for ensuring websites’ data is intact and loading fast.
  • Server and/or hosting stability tests. Important procedure to ensure that you still have control over websites and users can easily access it.

Carefully read all aforementioned routines. And multiply them by 3 to understand how much you will have to handle. And now remind yourself that there might be a lot more various checks and tests needed. You will simply drown in this routine. Especially when you will be in need of reading through reports to find the source of troubles. But there is an option to solve this problem easier than you think.

Website monitoring automation is a must for webmaster

It is very difficult to cope with even  a basic set of website monitoring tools on your own if you need to deal with multiple websites at the same time. Therefore, a webmaster working with multiple websites is forced to look for ways to make his task easier. And the easiest way to facilitate simultaneous monitoring of multiple websites is to use automated tools. For example, you can turn to HostTracker, a service designed for effective website monitoring. This service is a set of tools for webmasters. 

Using the HostTracker service, you can regularly check your websites, while setting the monitoring interval from 1 min. Moreover, this service uses more than 140 worldwide-distributed access points to test accessibility from various countries. Thus you will be able to find out not only that the website has stopped working, but also why. Its instant notification system will point you to the source of problems and systematised statistics gathering will help you to localise this source even more effectively.

Nicki Jenns

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