Types of Floor Repair Bangalore for Concrete and Wooden Options

Repairing your concrete floor might sound easy, but it’s not. You need some industrial equipment and sealing tools to help you with floor repair Bangalore. Even if you buy the products from hardware stores, you are not properly trained to handle the task step by step. That’s when the experts come in handy.

Using all the modern tools and equipment, these experts will start repairing your floor right on time. They follow various kinds of floor repairing methods. The methods will vary depending on the type of floor you are dealing with and the current condition of the damage.

Proper use of sealers and coating for floor repair Bangalore:

Coating compounds and concrete sealers are a major part of floor repair Bangalore and are applied to dry-cured concrete as its repair and maintenance procedure. The main goal over here is to reduce water penetration or prevent it completely.

  • Not just water, but the sealants can prevent gaseous media and aggressive solutions from entering the floors.
  • They can further prevent any associated deterioration like carbonation, freeze-thaw, rebar and sulphate damage.
  • However, the points mentioned above are not suitable for highly deteriorate concrete conditions. But they are great for sealing concrete cracks and surfaces.

The thin floor repair Bangalore:

Join hands with experts, presenting thin repair as part of the floor repair Bangalore package. These repairs are generally about one-fourth inch to around 2 inches deep and will not encompass any current reinforcing steel.

  • Some examples of thin repairs will be coating and surface sealers, polymer mortars, surface grinding, cement mortar, packaged cement mortars, chemical repair mortars and more.
  • But, the insufficient thick repairs to some concrete slabs are not stated to be permanent solutions.
  • With the help of thin repair, sometimes, you can slow the deterioration process to a great extent.

Steps involved with repairing wooden floors:

Apart from the concrete floors, you might have to go for wooden floor repair Bangalore sometimes. There are some initial steps to follow for the same.

  • At first, you need to identify the damage. Make sure to assess the damage’s magnitude before making the repairs. It helps you to know the repair needed along with the cost of it all.
  • Experts will use proper tools at this stage to remove damaged parts. They ensure to not further damage the other areas while removing some portions of the wooden planks.
  • Now, they will cut the wooden planks into the right sizes for patching up the damaged side.
  • Lastly, it is time to install the new planks. Here, the professionals will tap and slide the new wooden pieces into openings of the damaged portions.
  • At the end of it all, the floor repair Bangalore experts will sand the wooden floor and apply varnish to make the final result appealing and durable at the same time.

It takes time to repair the damaged floor, depending on its current scenario. Professional flooring experts will first check the condition of the floor, focus on the right repairing means, and then present the solution.


In order to enhance the look of your house and improve its re-sale value, you must focus at floor repair Bangalore. Experienced floorers are here to help.

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