What Are Different Kinds Of Furs Used In the Slides

Fur Slides

The clothes and accessories which are made up of fur can add class and luxury to your style. The slides which are comprised of high-quality fur can uplift your style. If you are looking for stylish fur slides, then you should find out which fur slide is good for you. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss different types of fur slides available in the market. Before that we should understand the different types of fur available in the market: 

Understanding Various Types Of Fur 

There are different types of furs available in the market. But, it is imperative to make sure that your slides are made up of premium quality fur. It is recommended that you should purchase high-quality fur clothing and accessories. 

Have you ever considered the difference between raccoon fur trim the fox fur trim? Do you know the difference between rabbit fur and long hair mink fur? Here, in this article, we have listed different types of furs and the advantages. Let’s study the different types of fur in detail.

Mink Fur

The mink fur is plush, elegant, durable, and lightweight as well. The mink fur is widely popular for its lightweight and luxurious texture. Among various types of fur sold in the market, mink fur is widely popular. The minks are longhaired and they boast lustrous guard hairs. They have soft hair and dense underfur. On the other hand, the sheared mink has a plush and velvety texture. It is very amazing to touch the mink fur. 

The mink fur clothes, accessories, and footwear varies in price. If you are searching for mink slides, then you should consider paying attention to the quality of the design. The mink fur slides are comfortable to wear, When you will put in the slides, then you will feel soft on your feet. The top-notch quality mink fur coats are not just beautiful and elegant, but they are also durable. Moreover, they will look luxurious even after handling so much wear and tear. 

Rabbit Fur

The rabbit is extremely soft and silky. It can make you feel warm and it is lightweight. The rabbit fur is widely known for its extremely soft feel. Moreover, the rabbit fur is beautiful, versatile, and budget-friendly as well. This type of fur is quite lightweight and warm as well. The rabbit fur varies in length. The sheared fur is used to make the rabbit fur slides. You can easily apply different colours to the rabbit fur. In addition to this, it can be easily sheared, knitted, and sculpted to form a unique look. The rabbit fur is used to mimic various expensive furs like a chinchilla. The fur of the Rex rabbit from France is very much silky and dense, just like the mink fur. Approximately 100 years ago, the Rex rabbit fur was introduced by France. It will result in silky and dense fur that will look like mink fur. The rabbit fur slides are elegant and comfortable to wear. 

Fox Fur

The fox fur is quite warm, fluffy, and full-bodied. This type of fur is plush, long, lustrous, and lightweight. The luxurious full-furred fox is a widely popular type of fur. The fox fur is long with lustrous guard hair. Also, it has a soft and thick underfur which will let you stay comfortable for long. It is extremely fluffy, therefore, it is good for creating eye-catching clothes, accessories, and footwear. The fox furs are extremely warm and amazingly beautiful. The fox fur is visually appealing because of its natural colouring. The fox furs can also be dyed in different colours for a stylistic effect. It means that the fox fur slides are available in different colours. 

Coyote Fur

The coyote fur has beautiful natural hues. Therefore, coyote fur is visually appealing and attractive. The coyote fur is budget-friendly and warm. The coyote can be easily recognized due to the highlights of colour on the luxurious fur. The colour of the coyote fur varies from greyish brown to off-white. It is based on the geographic origin of the coyote. The coyote fur is amazingly beautiful and resilient. This type of fur is budget-friendly and much affordable than other types of fur. It is naturally dense and this is the reason for the growing popularity of coyote fur hats, coats, blankets, and slides. 

Raccoon Fur

It is known for its beautiful colour, elegant touch, dense, and fluffy texture. The raccoon fur beautiful colouring and a fantastic loft. Therefore, it is widely used for making amazing collars, slides, tuxedo trims, and many more. The long and tipped guard hair along with the dense underfur is capable to provide you warmth during the cold shivering winter days. If you will take care of the raccoon fur clothes, accessories, or footwear, then it will stay with you for a long. 

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