What are the principles of building a small garden?

Principles of building a small garden

Want to build a garden in the extra space of your home, but don’t have enough space? There is no need to lower your spirits, even if you have a small space, you can still build a garden. All you need to do is awaken the creative side of your brain! Build a small, comfortable, and a beautiful garden. 

Why a small garden?

Building a garden in your home is a good stress reliever. Coming home from a hard day at work, get your hands dirty and relax. Not only is building a garden a great stress reliever, it also raises the appeal of your home.

So build a garden in your home, relieve yourself of the stress and raise the market value of the group.

Gardening principles

Now the process of building a garden is a small pace, might seem like a tedious one. G through our log and you’ll be surprised to learn that the process is actually quite easy. All you need to do is learn about some designing principles.

You can apply these principles for just about any land, but they work perfectly for a limited space garden.


Scale is the size of one object, and comparing it to the size of another. 

While building a garden, you need to keep the concept of scale in your mind. Figure out the largest object in your home, it would be your house. Now adjust the plants in your home by comparing the size of your plant with your house. You should also plant some medium sized and small sized plants in your home.

Not only does this make your home look picture perfect, but also makes your garden look bigger than it is.


Adding variety into your home, by adding vibrant color flowers, gives amazing results. However, adding way too many colors and sizes of plants would become overwhelming. It would give your garden a quite disorganized look. 

To tackle this issue, the principle of repetition can be implemented. 

The principle says to choose one design element; it can be a shape, a pattern or a texture. Pick that element and base your entire garden design on that element.


While building a garden you need to have a few focal points, places that catch people’s eyes. But remember not to have too many focal points, in a small garden just one focal point does the work.

Many individuals add installations like ponds, fountains, to make their garden look perfect, but these individuals often forget that if planted right, plants themselves act as great focal points. 

To make the plants your focal point, you can use textured varieties or design your garden according to the species of plants.

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