What Colors To Wear In Different Seasons?

What Colors To Wear In Different Seasons?

Fashionista or not, we often spend time and effort in deciding which color to wear, which suits your skin tone, which looks better in daylight, and which is better for an evening ball?

Deciding which colors look best for which event and season is not a random affair. It takes much thinking, and often we require to seek help from color analysts and art educators. The fashion industry, as we see it now, has progressed leaps and bounds since its evolutionary period.

Fashion and color go hand in hand. You may have often heard that colors are categorized into seasons. Every season the fashion industry has a new color trending for that particular season, some colors may even become popular throughout the year.

Not only are the ladies overly excited about fashion trends but men like to follow mainstream fashion too. Given that so many renowned designers and labels are now catering to the specific needs and wants of these gentlemen, the results are quite visible in the way men are now dressed around us. There is a huge variety of clothing options that experiment with different styles, cuts, and colors for men who prefer more statement looks.

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Seasonal Colors

Colors are found all around us naturally, in their most organic and true form. It is sometimes difficult to mimic the exact shade found in our surrounding environment. Seasonal colors are the natural hues that mirror a shade seen specific to a season in nature.

For instance, spring and summer have more sunlight, so we automatically conjure images of bright colored objects tones autumn and winter are seasons that receive less sunlight. Hence, bringing up warm, earthy shades and colors that are least bright.

Color Theory

The way colors have been classified into seasonal categories has a proper science behind it. This is definitely not a new concept and has been around since the late 1900s. Initially, a rather simple color wheel model was used to classify colors. We now have more advanced systems and tools that work with colors to make them look visually appealing.

To learn about seasonal colors, we need to have a little knowledge about the three basic properties of color- Hue, Value, and Chroma.

  • Color Hue and Temperature

The hue determines which color family an object is or simply the color like green, orange, blue, etc.

Some colors are said to be warm (referring to how much yellow they have), and others are perceived as cool (the amount of blue in a color). This is also known as the temperature or undertone of any color. The colors can either be warm, cool, neutral or a combination of both.

  • Value

This shows how light or dark a color is. White is used in lighter colors to make tints, and black is used in darker colors to make shades. Value designates the depth of the color.

  • Chroma

Chroma or clarity shows how much pure or grey a color is.

Pure referring to the saturation of the original color and how bright it is. Grey is when the saturation is lowered, and the color becomes muted.

Adding grey to a color turns it into a tone.

Importance of Seasonal Colors

Knowing the science behind seasonal colors and having the basic knowledge to distinguish between the different colors, shades, and tints can enable you to make better color decisions for yourself. This is not only restricted to putting on clothes. It also encompasses the kind of make-up that would suit you, colored lenses that would complement your skin tone or hair color that would enhance your looks.

  • Summers:

Rock the light, muted, cool colors that beat the heat with their cooling effect like pastels, yellows, greens, pinks.

  • Winters:

Icy blues mixed with other clear colors produce beautiful bold shades with high intensity and contrast like plum, maroon, emerald green.

  • Spring:

Imagine the different colors blooming in this season, all clear and bright! Those are the colors you need to go for, like bright yellow, ruby red, etc.

  • Autumn:

Lots of earthy, muddy shades with warmer undertones like rust, orange, army green, etc.

There are no hard and fast rules applied in the selection of colors. You may wear every color in the world if that appeals to you and makes you feel beautiful.


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